February 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Thanks for leading @Lee, nice chilled out ride was perfect for me today. And great to meet the newcomers.

Probably not around next week but definitely looking to get out more now the temperature is starting to pick up.


@Lee … the picture of the scratched DuraAce is painful to look at, you should have put a disclaimer:)
Happy to know nobody got hurt.

David and I intercepted some for riders on the way back. All good.

Have a nice rest you all.


Yeah that looks really unpleasant. Please learn from your mistakes and make sure it doesnt happen again. I had a problem with my team mate braking too late and ended up going arm to arm on a corner, luckily I hadnt turned properly yet. We ended up cycling to Brighton through Westerham to watch and take photos of the Single Speed Cyclo Cross European Championships. Quite fun :smiley:


Hope @Dawid_Owl and Anthony (is Anthony on Yonder?) are ok this morning and not too bruised

Just spoke to @PatrickG who was following @Dawid_Owl down the hill. Looked like nothing Dawid could do to avoid it apparently, but good reminder of the state of some of the roads in the forest!


Thanks @jools
I’m totally fine, just some small bruises and sore places.
I hope Anthony feel fine too.
Looking back to that downhill section on thing I could do was definitely carry less speed.
See you next week all
Enjoy the sunny day.


Since I am working from home tomorrow I am thinking of hitting the velopark sometime in the mid afternoon. Anyone interested?


Hi All
Can’t lead an 8.30 ride this Sunday as I have to be in for a delivery.

Don’t want to miss out on a ride though so currently planning an excessively early (cough 7 cough) ride to Regent’s Park. Steady there, five laps effort, one lap recovery, three laps effort, steady back.

If anyone would like to provide positive peer pressure by coming along, let me know


I’m away again, but hoping to charity ride the prudential 100 so…yep must be joining you all soon.


Two accessible rides this weekend. Anyone who wants a first ride of the season, this is the week to start with me on what I’m calling a ‘rehab’ ride.

@Henry will be going slightly faster, but still very inclusive pace.

No official faster rides planned (yet)!through E20cc this weekend.

Anyone looking to come along please do let the ride leader know on here.

Thanks in advance


Emphasis on slightly! But yes, will lead the Accessible Ride up to High Beach and then depending on the weather (currently forecast to be dry with double digit temps) and how we’re feeling, a couple of hill loops and back via Buckhurst Hill. In all, around 30 miles at 14-16 mph with no one left behind. Water essential, food highly recommended. It also seems to be puncture season so good idea to check those tyre pressures and for any ingrained flinty bits!


Pleasure riding with everyone today! Won’t be around next weekend unfortunately.


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