February 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Great to see that @edward finally made some investment on proper winter gears :slight_smile: good job guys !


Thanks for the ride today, took a while to defrost when I got in but will be looking to get out more regularly.


Pleasure to meet you @Shaun — Keep an eye on these monthly threads


Tomorrow Velopark @6:30pm for a few fast laps.


Possible Fast Ride on Sunday

Target Avg speed : 28.5km/h
Length : about 100km
Climbing: about 5000ft (1500 mt)

Meeting point : inside the Stratford International Train Station (about 16£ return to get to the starting point).
Meeting time: 8.15am (train leaves at 8:30am)

Disclaimer, this ride is tentative, we are not sure if this ride will take place.



Thats gona be a lot of climbing, lol send me a picture of the first person to fall asleep on the train back, hahahahaaa



Hello guys I am new to E20 group see you on Sunday on accessible ride , it will be awesome!! :wink:


Hey welcome Deniss @Violent — good to see you here! Look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning :+1:


Yes Jools it was a great ride with a few hills I will not be forgetting in a hurry.


Just scroll up for @Theqg_QG Guido’s ride @PatrickG


Cheers, won’t be around for two weeks as cycling in midlands this weekend and on holiday week after but will be ready on my return


Fast Ride - Updated Plan

Departure 7:30am from the usual place in front of Sainsbury
Route : The David’s Route (https://www.strava.com/activities/856028112)
Target Avg Speed: +28.5km/h

General note: plans can still change, so please check tomorrow morning.

@edward … now that you have finally got some winter gears you should come along, won’t be as cold as the last ride we went together.


Weather looks good


Yes @Lee … the weather looks good, yet no many have signed up for the fast ride.


@Theqg_QG - not everyone checks this thread, folks just turn up for the ride

Drop by for a pre-ride espresso, Pavé Velo at 8am, all most welcome


Hi, just to say I’m new and planning on joining the accessible ride this morning. Finally managed to get myself up on a Sunday. See you at Sainsburys


Heading down in a few minutes.


Thanks for the ride everyone, 8 out today.

We split into two groups before Chingford loop to allow everyone to go at their own pace.

Well done to Deniss @Violent for managing the Mott Street climb into high beech on your first ride out! *Please remember water and breakfast next time

We had a accident with @Dawid_Owl taking a tumble on the Wellington loop downhill (taking out Anthony) and bending his hanger on his DuraAce Di2 setup. Everyone safe and unharmed.

Good to meet new rider @TomB :+1:


Thanks everyone for today :slight_smile:
Lovely friendly ride.
Thanks for the support too :wink:
See you next week. This time I will try not to fly into the woods.