February 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Bike is currently in the shop till end of the week for a well overdue
service i’m afraid so wouldn’t make today i’m afraid. Nice to know we could
roll together though if we are similar speeds.

Bit of pratice and i reckon we could take those speedsters down haha (Day
dreaming moment of the day)


What size bike you ride @Cotcher
Possibly you could ride mine n+1 if same size


Sunday 12th - 90km Kent Lanes ride - mid pace

Hi All
I’d like to lead a ride into Kent this Sunday, past Biggin Hill then back again, using a route that various South London clubs tend to follow. It’s 90km ish, including a few testing hills, including the world famous White Lane Hill Climb if we’re feeling up for it.

It will also include crossing busy London via E&C so if you are interested, please make sure you are confident about keeping with the group. I know the route going via Brixton/Dulwich - I have set up a route on my strava if you can see that.

Mid pace overall - I hope to aim for 24/25kmh average, slightly slower than my usual mid-pace rides to reflect traffic and climbing, but last time I rode this route it completely kicked my arse. Hoping to get revenge.

Please let me know here if you are interested, rather than just turning up on Sunday, as I want to be sure people come along with enough food/drink, etc.


Hi Jool

I’m up for the ride this Sunday as the forecast is no rain.


I am interested although I will go for a long run on Saturday so it depends a little on how the legs are feeling.

Struggling to see your route on Strava, if you were able to share I can load onto the Garmin which is handy.



@edward Gah - didn’t save. It did create a gpx file, but I don’t know how to make the route from that, and strava at the moment isn’t letting me get at the right activity…

You’ll be fine after your run - if you’re sticking to my speed, it’ll be like a recovery ride for you!


Done it! Kent Lanes from East Village strava route below


Most of it I know, but good to keep track of a couple of turns via garmin


Bah Im in Dorset this weekend so won’t make it, apologies.

Route looks interesting tho so be good to try it another weekend


Can I just point that if you go further south of Westerham there are an abundance of amazing hills. Plus I suggest visiting the Westerham cycle shop, its an amazing cafe!


Will work up to that @Jonathan_Calderon!

Or do you want to lead a mid pace ride sometime so I can keep up?


My best mate lives in woldingham, the hills there are brutal…!


I won’t be riding this weekend but I am planning to do loops at the velopark on Monday mid-day … the weather sounds good.


@jools I will be up for the ride this Sunday. I hope I can keep up as to be frank I’m bit out of shape :slight_smile:
I will see you all on Sunday morning


Sounds good - I wish I could, even with the hills, but busy this Sunday :frowning:


Quick update on rides available to join tomorrow:
Sunday 12th February

1 - Rehab/Social/Leisure to Epping led by @Lee

2 - Mid-pace longer ride led by @jools

3 - Fast-pace longer ride - TBC no official E20cc ride planned.

4 - Lastly don’t forget this excellent Social Ride with Newham Cyclists - led by @stevoline

Please notify ride leader if you intend to join a ride




Hey all,

I’ve not been able to get out at all of late on Sundays as have been really busy. But at long last I’m planning to resurface tomorrow morning for the normal ride with Lee! As tempting as your route is @jools I’m going to take it easy this first ride back.




Hi @jools i will need to go on shorter ride with @Lee as other plans getting in the way.


Just to prove that @edward @PatrickG and I made it to the lanes of Kent, where it i saw still proper winter

(Arty filtered version of the Patrick photo on my the instagram)

Great ride with a few testing climbs


Our all inclusive rehab/social ride to a Epping was quite laid back, took in the scenery with some light snow all the way.

Good to meet new rider @Shaun along with E20cc faithful @Pablo_Smith (Unfortunate puncture on Temple Mills)

Congratulations to @Dave_Barnes who tackled Mott Street climb with his new knee — Nice work mate!