February 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


New thread for February 2017

E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local cyclists. See the dates below for dates and times. Join the conversation, you can also read other older threads here: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20-cycle-club

We also have a closed group here: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20cc-members < Simply ask to request access.

Road Rides — evenings, weekends and ad-hoc longer rides.
Our regular Sunday morning ride is aimed at meeting people to train with, generally around 25 miles with nobody left behind. Please introduce yourself below if you are planning on coming along. Make sure your tyres are pumped and riders should carry a spare tube. Helmet is recommended, although not compulsory.

Road Rides

Sun 5th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

Sun 12th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

  • Gentle/Leisure to Epping led by @Lee
  • Mid-pace longer ride led by @jools
  • Faster pace group - TBC

Sun 19th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

  • Accessible ride (Likely route Epping) @Lee
  • Faster pace group - Unconfirmed @Theqg_QG

Sun 26th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

  • Gentle/Rehab ride (E20 > High Beech) @Lee
  • Accessible ride - @Henry
  • Mid/Faster pace group - TBC

Meeting points:
Sundays: Victory Park - opposite Sainsburys from 8.30am depart.
50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB — https://stores.sainsburys.co.uk/4534/stratford-east-village-local

Inclusive leisure rides
From time to time E20cc will announce ad-hoc leisure rides, we recommend looking at local borough groups:
NEWHAM www.newhamcyclists.org.uk - more info: @stevoline ride co-ordinator.
WALTHAM FOREST www.wfcycling.wordpress.com
TOWER HAMLETS www.towerhamletswheelers.org.uk
HACKNEY www.hackney.cc

Want to learn to ride a bike?
Cycle Confident have one primary aim, to empower as many people as possible to take to the roads on their bicycles. They work with Individuals, Businesses, Local Authorities and Activity Groups giving them the tools and training to cycle safely, and with confidence, on and off the road. More info — www.cycleconfident.com

January 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides

Crazy sorry, been stuck at work late pass couple of days so haven’t had chance :frowning:


Hey everyone.
I’m living in Leyton and since last couple of months Pavé Velo is my LBS.
I spoke a bit with boys there about riding and clubs. They recommended me to hit you guys.
In 2 weeks on Sunday I’m free and I would love to join club ride.
Looking forward to meeting you guys.
Dawid Sowiński


Welcome Dawid, I’m guessing you are going to be looking for faster training sessions, keep an eye on this thread for various odd longer rides. In addition to the accessible ride on Sundays.

Please let others know what you are looking for to find ride groups.


Hi @Lee.
I guess I will be looking for both.
Bit of social riding on Sunday and some rides to dig bit deaper.
I’m not need to cycling but also not in best shape. Lack of time I guess is the biggest issue :slight_smile:
I will try to keep checking space here and join as many rides as possible in order to meet most of you guys.
Take care and speak to you and others soon


That’s pretty much what E20cc is in terms of accessibility for all. I’ve had zero time to train lately also, hoping to get out this Sunday morning. Look forward to seeing you soon!


Sorry that this Sunday I can’t, my girlfriend is coming to visit and we only see each other once a week. But hopefully 12th and Sundays to follow I will be there.


Hi All
Happy to lead ride up to Epping in the morning. Currently planning more hill loops than the accessible ride so great if people want to join that (can go your own speed - plenty of room to push yourself if faster, won’t get left behind if slower. Anyone slower than me?)

Would be useful if anyone could co-lead in case anyone needs to head straight back

Also, if you would like to lead a faster or longer ride, please say so here so that riders know what is on offer when they come along in the morning



I’ll be out with you hopefully jools


Well done everyone on the Epping Forest ride including new and new-ish club riders. Hope everyone is feeling the impact of the hill repeat session. If not, you need to ride harder next time!

Hope the other group had a good ride out


pretty good ride … 2 punctures, no coffee stops, 101Km 29km/h avg, +2C avg. temperature, 7 out 7 in …


Can only man 27.5kph for 64km (starts dropping a bit afterwards)

I’m gonna need to give myself a serious prep talk before I finally join you speedsters haha


Would be good to have more people on board the longer faster rides, but as Cotcher mentioned. If people are being optimistic over their average speed and physical ability then it lets the others down when there is constant waiting and slowing down. We already lost one man because we were coming home too late, may he rest in peace (laying in bed with his misses now on every sunday morning) until the summer comes back.

I think if we can clarify that these longer rides that are being led by us are 28.5 km/h average over 80+km with 600+ meters of climbing then I am happy to have people on board who are certain that they can handle this without suffering half way through and blowing up. Perhaps we can have a recommendation system where the club leaders from the normal ride can progress riders once they have seen there performance.

Other then that, I don’t mean to sound harsh. It’s just recently proven to be an absolute mission to do 100km on a Sunday morning while getting back home to the misses (and family) for midday or just gone 12.

Regards All <3


Thanks so much for leading the accessible group at the weekend @jools — your care, consideration and patience for other riders is unparalleled.

Just thought I’d mention, this Sunday 12th February, I may well take a social ride with the Newham Cyclists over to ‘Hoo Peninsula’ — Meeting at 9:30am at Stratford International.

Thirty five mile scenic ride around the Hoo peninsula taking the train from Stratford International to Gravesend, Kent. It’s billed as a medium difficulty ride led by @stevoline (Steve is the Newham Cyclists very experienced ride leader, true gentleman who joined us on an E20cc ride last year)

Let me know if you fancy this as a change of pace social ride?

Steve’s Map here:

More information here: http://newhamcyclists.org.uk/event/hoo-peninsula-ride/


Hi Jonathan
Thanks for your comments. Absolutely agree that ride leaders need to be clear on speed/distance/route, etc. and that club members join the appropriate group so everyone gets the most out of it.

An ideal, I think, would be to get to three rides on a Sunday, accessible, mid and fast (and I’m very much mid), all shared here so riders can see what is on offer. We, as a club, also need to be confident in being clear about ability on faster rides whilst remaining accessible to new riders - which was a core impetus behind founding the club in the first place

More volunteer ride leaders will help make this possible, and there are a number of members who are very capable. (I would also say that, as long as the ride leader is a paid up member, making the ride a ‘club’ ride also offers E20CC insurance in case of incident)

Hope your ride was enjoyable despite the flats. Looked pretty swift. We had fun up and down the hills though


Hi Lee, Jools
Thanks for the introduction and welcome to the first Newham cyclists’ ride of 2017.
There is a change to the start time, it’s now 10am, train leaves at 10:34



Is enybody keen on doing some easy laps today around velodrome track ? I will be there from 3pm
Give me a shout if you want to join.


Having 3 groups would be handy. I’m in one of those difficult situations where Im finding the casual Sundays not fast/long enough but being not just there (yet) on av speed, I’m standing there thinking ‘Go solo?’ Because on my own, I will normally go do 60/80/100km anyway

In interest of pushing myself tho, If a route is up on Strava, I’m happy to try & keep up for as long as I can and when I drop behind, I drop behind. You speedsters head on & I solo rest of the ride? Only going to get better by riding with & against better riders but I don’t want to slow others

I’m getting visions of dropping after a mile down the road now haha


@Cotcher i seems to have similar speed on my last recorded longer ride solo. I guess I would be happy to stay behind with you in grupetto when we both blow :slight_smile: I would won’t slow down others too. Are you around today for Velodrome ride ?


I can’t make today, but plan to use the track in the daytimes at least once a week. @Theqg_QG also likes daytimes when he isn’t abroad on business.