Faulty water leak alarm system (in the utility cupboard)


Hello everybody,

Our water leak alarm system in the utility cupboard goes off without a reason every so often.
The first time this happened, we called a plumber who confirmed that it was a false alarm.

Are we the only ones with a faulty water leak alarm system in the utility cupboard?



Are you sure there is no leak?

Sadly enough leaks are very common in our flats - in our previous flat in Pippin Mansions the ceiling bursted open six times because someone’s main valve bursted.

There seem to be structural problems with the welding on the mains valve throughout tho - we noticed significant oxidation on ours in our current flat (and outright dripping at times) and they had to come in and replace it (and it’s still not right).

If you can, try to get a second opinion from someone unrelated to GLL.


Thanks, @yvanj
Yes, we had 4 leaks ourselves in the past - so I was very worried when the alarm went off. The plumber who conformed (in his written report) that there was no leak was not from GLL (I’m part buy, part rent = Triathlon). Actually, there were 2 different plumbers from 2 different companies. (One of them was from Homeserve; I’m testing their plumbing insurance now for £1 per month for one year, and I can definitely recommend it. Very reliable, very quick, very efficient - so far.) Anyway, the alarm goes off every now and then (funnily enough it’s often when I use the oven! :joy:) and then stops after an hour or so, only to go off again some days later. So clearly a malfunction. I was just wondering how to deal with it - who can service the thing, etc.


Hi Falco
I know other people have complained about the alarm going off without any visible leak, but not sure anyone’s got a fix

If I remember right, I think someone said dust in the cupboard can confuse it


Thanks, @jools

Yes, I found the manual for the alarm system online, and under ‘trouble shooting’, they mention that dust plus environmental humidity (washing machine in the cupboard!0 can cause these false alarms.

I’d me happy for the sensors to be changed, as they have proven most useful in the past. I do, however, not know who could do that. It’s not a DIY job, I’m afraid.



So if someone knows of somebody who had their sensors changed, please share here.


Hi Falco. If you take the panel off the utility cupboard you could double check for yourself. I had a small long term leak from one of the pipes which supply water to the washing machine. Hope this helps. Matt


Thanks, @matthew_kellie
I think it might be that cable thingy which they’ve put around all four corners of the washing machine. Very dusty, sticky cable - probably malfunctioning. No idea how to change that, though… :roll_eyes:


Good question. Can they be cleaned?


I’d say try blowing them out with some compressed air. If that doesn’t help, make it GLL’s problem.


Thanks, the compressed air sounds good, I’ll try that.