End of Assured Shorthold Tenancy with Get Living London


Hi All,
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I’d like to find out what happens at the end of our Assured Shorthold Tenancy with GLL. We’d like to stay on a rolling monthly situation.

Shelter says this is what happens:

Options at the end of your tenancy

If you have an assured shorthold tenancy, you’re usually committed to renting the property for six months or a year.

Before this time is up, you need to decide what to do next. You could:

  • sign a new fixed-term tenancy agreement
  • do nothing and automatically move to a month-to-month tenancy – also known as a periodic or rolling tenancy
  • tell your landlord that you’re going to move out at the end of your contract

I’ve read through the GLL AST agreement and it says:
Your Notice: You must give us at least one month’s notice in writing when you want to end the tenancy at the end of the fixed term

So it all sounds like that is the case but can anyone confirm this to be sure? Thanks in advance.


Sounds correct to me @boarderbob


Thanks @lee. I’ve just never left it to continue on a rolling contract with past leases but have always signed a new AST.


It seems like the easiest thing to do would be to just email GLL and ask them? I think your interpretation is correct but it’d be good to be safe and make sure both sides have the same understanding.


GLL do not do rolling monthly contracts (also known as a periodic or rolling tenancy). GLL may give you a one year contract with a 1 month break clause to be invoked at any time. So I guess that gives you some flexibility.