Echo Aromatherapy Workshop - Mother at Here East - Tues 18th April, 6.30pm



Mother Juice Works - Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E20 3BS

Tickets: HERE

New to Echo

If you’d like to join this workshop but you’re new to Echo, it’s quick and easy to join, by following these simple steps.

  1. Sign up here
  2. Receive your 5 Echo overdraft
  3. Visit the event page
  4. Book your ticket
  5. Put the date in your diary!

This event costs an extra 1 Echo to cover the costs of the organic oils that you’ll be taking away with you at the end of the class. This is included in the 3 Echo ticket price.

Event description

Spring is upon us, do you feel you should have more vitality, be full of beans but in reality, you’re lacking in the vim and vigour department?

That could be because when the seasons change we require a little assistance to nudge our energy levels back into sync. How are you supposed to do that? Fear not. 8 in the Universe are here ready to help.

Join us at this interactive workshop and immerse yourself in ancient knowledge and modern science, exploring the ways our senses, particularly our sense of smell will help balance your body and soothe that chattering mind.

What you get for your Echoes

Show up, take part and leave with skills to put a spring in your step, a song in your heart and the shot in the arm required to boost creativity, productivity and feel mighty fine.

Discover the origins and health benefits of essential oils, herbs, spices and foods.

Create your own unique aromatherapy blends to make wonderful all natural ingredients relevant to the season to lift your mood, smooth out the stress and nourish your body.

Take home 3 beautifully packaged essential oil products as a gift to self or for others and a handmade booklet containing lots of useful information for future reference.

Who’s it for?

If you have a pulse it’s for you!

About the event organiser

Marian and Karen are co-founders of 8 in the Universe, a company that creates and delivers a diverse range of holistic health workshops to empower people to make sustainable changes to improve their happiness and wellbeing. They help people squeeze more juice out of life.

This workshop will be presented by Marian Connor – inquisitive soul and co-director and Micha Christmann – our 8 in the Universe wizard of aromatherapy and specialist in all things complementary therapies and natural health.