East Village Trust


Dear neighbours

I am writing in a personal capacity. Over the last 3 years I have been a trustee of the East Village Trust. The remit of the role is to ensure that the section 106 is fulfilled by the landlords to provide some form of community space/activity/intuitive. On the Board with myself are key stakeholders and recently other members of the community Trudi Barnes, Neil Holloway and Graeme Wise.

As many of you are aware the space we were allocated was the front of the SLG (the three shop fronts and the corresponding floor above) along with this we were given £1,000,000 as a ‘restricted fund’ this only allows us to use the interest generated by the fund. As of yet, we have not been able to set up anything permanent because every step of the way we have been hindered by legal complications, poor communications and a lack of goodwill from some of the agency’s involved…

This week we heard definitively from the NHS property services (who own the SLG building), that the fees to use the SLG building are so high that within 6 months the trust would be bankrupt. So we have gone back to the landlord of East Village, SVDP(Stratford Village Development partnership) to ask them to fulfil their legal obligation (under section 106) to provide the trust with a community space.

This is an interesting time – with the NHS property Services taking 3 years to inform us of costs, and SVDP not doing anything in that time…… let’s see if they step up quickly and give this community the provision we deserve.