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Does anybody know if our water meters are measuring cold water and hot water or just cold water (as the hot water is pumped in by ELE rather than Thames Water)?


Hi @ah00198 - all of the water that comes out of youir taps goes through the Thames Water meter. ELE send heat to our flats within hot water in what is effectively a closed system. Inside each each property is a heat interface unit (HIU), and is this the heat is transferred from the hot water in the ELE system to the colder water in mains pipe and the result is we get hot water out of our taps. I know in the past people have been confused and thought they were paying twice for water, but we are not.


@nigelgodfrey - if I’m honest, that’s probably a level of technical detail that’s beyond me. Assuming it was Danny from ELE then he’s usually pretty good from what I’ve heard (he fixed my fault heating system and it’s been great ever since). However, if it really is at 50’C then I’d be concerned - I don’t think it’s as simple as the temperature on the Honeywell box.


Wow Ian and guys you have done amazing work here. Thanks so much for all your hard work and information flow.
I am not very good with this kind of staff but found that switching the system off altogether saved on my electricity bill. However ELE said that I shouldn’t be doing that as it interfere with the system set up. I am not sure I understand why can’t I just do that. Does anyone know?


@Suzence - if you read the [admittedly very long] ELE contract there is some detail in there. But basically, it is their property (I think) and it’s linked to a wider system. This means that if you switch it off, and something goes wrong when you turn it back on you are liable to pay the costs associated with any problems.


Not in my world. I’m not paying to have the heating on when I want a zero temperature. So try it if it goes wrong. That’s bearing mind I’ve already complained to senior GLL about how ridiculously hot this building/our flats are in the summer just from the hot water ‘boiler’. If you don’t go out leaving all the windows and balcony door open all day you can’t breathe.

So hence why on earth would be have any heating on and be charged for it just coz they say so. Obviously not a question to you @ian_king, just an observation.

It’s bloody cold in here in winter whatever we do, no helped by balcony door and all opening windows not being sealed properly. In summer we’d suffocate. That’s with our ‘vortex’ too!


Is there a difference between switching the heating off and setting the thermostat permanently to five degrees? We’ve had ours on the latter since moving in (late April) because the flat is plenty warm enough naturally. We haven’t had a bill yet (which seems strange?) so I have no idea what the bill is going to look like.


@Claire - I think you are thinking of turning it down to 5’C, which is of course OK. But there is also an option to physically switch the system off at the switch, which results in no hot water.

@ToddYatesUK - hassle ELE for a bill, and put some money aside in the mean time. Switching the system off means no hot water, and the contract states some stuff about not doing this, while turning the system down to 5’C turns the heating off, which is what I’d advise.


Crossed wires I think, Obviously I wouldn’t turn the whole system off - no hot water. I am talking about the timer settings at off so ours never comes on in the summer unless we manually put it on.


Thanks @ian_king, that makes sense and is how I thought it worked, seems that we were actually all basically describing the same thing in different ways.


Is yours at 5C? Ours is and we have to sleep with the balcony door open to at least feel cool. We have 2 fans on, too. I feel like this building is cooking me from the inside! :sweat_smile:


No ours is off totally. It’s not that warm at the moment but generally we sleep with the window open now. In summer though so much heat comes of the water tank in our little flat it’s roasting in there when you get back from work even if we have left a window open. We still lock the balcony door when out just in case spiderman is about!


How do you get it off totally without having no hot water?


put all the settings on your termostate to 5’C as per the instruction manual…


We just set a temporary override of five degrees and then never touch it. I believe it only required us to press the down button a lot. That way we still have all of the schedule stuff ready to go in the winter when we need it.


(Assuming i’m interpreting what you’re doing correctly) This is incorrect. The temporary override (i.e. when you use the arrows to manually lower or raise the temperature) only applies until the next timing event, then it returns to the usual timer. So if you have it set to 20’c at 5pm, this will override any manual setting, and then it will return to the usual timing loop. To ensure it is completely off you need to edit each time period to the ‘OFF’ setting (realistically any temperature below 20’c shouldn’t trip the system as the flats are well insulated).


The screen hasn’t changed from reading “5°C” since I set the override six weeks ago so I’m pretty sure it’s fine like this.


@ToddYatesUK Fair enough. I know this is definitely how mine operates and how the instructions describe it as operating. However I think its fair to say that the set up of the heating systems across EV is far from uniform!


@Claire @ian_king On the issue of the heat loss from the hot water tank. It says on the tank that the loss is 1.65 kWh / day (at 65C) which is a considerable amount - perhaps 30% of my usage. Do you know whether we could put an extra insulating layer around it like a traditional hot water tank?


Probably a stupid question but it’s not stuck is it? We’ve had to reset ours a few times for going a big mad on button pressing (because we couldn’t remember how to change the timer settings.) The default should show the time and not the temperature. If you can still see a hand symbol after weeks of not touching it you’ll need to reset it and change the timer setting back to 5 or off.