East London Energy


Got my bill today too, my direct debit payments are random, when I requested 2nd of every month, now comes out 10th, 15th. All over the place.


Our bills have always arrived around 14th of each month by email, hard copies a day or two later. Payment is usually taken out last day of the month. I can’t remember if we were given a choice on dates on not. The bills do say the DD will be taken on or soon after last day of the month.


Ok, so I have just received my bill for March -

  1. My CHAC has normalised from its unsual double figure spike last month
  2. My Consumption increased by 135 kWh in March due to having my heating constantly on at 16 degrees.
  3. Despite this, its my lowest bill for 2015 so far

So I carried out an experiment over the past two months; in Feb I left my heating at 5 degrees and increased it to 21 degrees whenever I felt cold in the evenings. We have been told not to do this because the system has to “work harder” to get to the desired temperature, however as you can see my consumption was only 297 kWH in Feb.

In March, I have left my heating on at a constant 16 degrees, putting it up to 21 degrees whenever I felt cold and this has quite clearly led to an increased consumption of 432 kWH.

So my anecdotal evidence suggests perhaps leaving your heating on constantly at 16 degrees isn’t the most cost effective way to heat your home.

In April, I have kept my heating off (5 degrees), I shall not put the heating on at all this month. If my assumptions are correct, my April bill should revert back to the £35 - £40 range.

Lets wait and see!

@shardae, how about you? have you noticed a reduction in your consumption by going back to 5 degrees?


Our bills have been pretty much the same (average £42 I think) whatever we do - on, off totally, can’t remember how to turn the damn thing off so turn down manually often. More consumption less CHAC, less consumption more CHAC!

Please can someone tell me how to change the timer settings as I a) can’t find the instructions and b) equivalent of kicking it (pressing everything in sight in different combinations) just results in resetting because I can’t do it!


Interesting, thanks Aniket!

Ours has always been on 5C and we received a bill last month for £49ish and this month £37. Bizarre!


@Lizzie, how much of that was down to the CHAC though? I know you have been getting some insane double figure CHAC amounts in your bill right?

Your consumption should be pretty much the same over the last two months?


Hi @claire - @tj1 knows how to change the timer settings, she showed me but I forgot now lol


Thanks, though not good seeing as I used to tell other people how to do it!!


@Claire are you wanting to change the clock time or the temps/times?

Temps/times - press and hold the tick/middle til it flickers and a time should flash - this is your days 1-5 time “on” so set it for your morning blast etc; scroll up/down to change hour, tick/middle to confirm. Repeat for minutes.

Then same but now in degrees temp for that time window…tick to confirm…repeat time bit for the time that temp goes “off” and just keep moving through the time bands/temps (I think it’s 3 time phases for days 1-5 ie Mon to Fri, and another 3 for 7-8 ie weekends).

If your clock is wrong, you need to use a pen/pin in the hole and press til it flickers then arrows/tick to change

Hope that makes sense!


Thanks, I’m sure that was what I was doing! I’ll have another go later and if that doesn’t work will get it looked at.


CHAC was really really high last month, yep.


@NiK we’ve also concluded that putting the temperature on constant high is NOT cost effective! Our consumption was double what it was when we had it ‘off’ when we’re out and ‘on’ when we’re in. We’ve now turned it completely ‘off’ but I have noticed from last year’s bill that there’s not much difference between having it completely ‘off’ and having it ‘off’ when we’re out and ‘on’ when we’re in. Out CHAC charge was reasonable this month. I’m assuming it’s done by block so ours is probably the same as yours @NiK as we’re in N10


Hello Ian,

Our legal team tell me there are data protection issues which prevent me from sharing a complete picture of how your bills compare to other schemes. What I can say is that, on average, we found metered district heating customers paid £679 a year for 6150kWh of heat in 2013/14. In comparison, those on main gas paid £587-£713 for 6150kWh of heat in 2013/14, taking into account gas boiler maintenance and installation costs.

This usage figure (6150kWh) is based on the average hot water and heating requirements of a new, two-bedroom flat and may differ from your own personal usage. However, you should be able to multiply this number by your energy charge (then add your fixed charge and common heat availability charge), to give you an indication of how your costs compare to other district heating customers and those on mains gas. I should also say that a heat cost comparator is in development and will be launched shortly http://www.heatcustomerprotection.co.uk/index.php/heat-cost-comparator




Between Oct2014-April I have been charged between £77-£90 monthly for 3 bedroom flat! can’t believe what East London energy is doing, I’m disgusted and wouldn’t of chosen to live here if I knew this was what would be in store.

I also had engineer visit, who thought it would be a great idea to fiddle with my hot water which played havoc with everyday life, I had about 1hour hot water a day!!! Where do they think we are living in Yemen ?


£9.68 for Common Heat charge for April compared to £4.16 for March!!

Did East London Energy forget that everybody would turn off the heating as the temperatures increased??


As my usage goes down, my bill goes up…


I find it staggering that it costs £30 - £40 a month purely to heat up a tank of water. In previous properties i’ve lived in with a gas boiler, i’ve had summer gas bills of £10 - £20 inclusive of the standing charge!

I think what makes it worse is the landlords don’t trust us to control our own water. Consequently the way the Honewell unit has been configured means my water is heated to completely unnecessary temperatures (currently 68.5’c) twice a day, when in theory the water only needs to be kept at 60’c. Has anybody had any luck with changing the water settings and would Get Living London agree to amend the settings if I contacted them?


@l_yates - please read back in this thread. I think your questions are answered within this in one of the longer write ups I have done. Three of us have been working for over a year on this - which has made some progress, although not at the pace we’d like. But GLL do NOT control the Honeywell unit, not in their remit. It is set at 70’C for a reason, as it’s about making the entire system work properly - I would suggest it is also a good thing to have some clearance above the 60’C mark as well…

As for ELE, it’s about having availability of hot water rather them ‘turning it down’ - it just doesn’t work that way. As always, happy to meet in person to discuss as it’s kinda complicated, but please do read back through the thread.


@ian_king Hi Ian, thanks for the reply. I had assumed the Honeywell unit was controlled by the landlord, so thanks for clarifying that. Regarding clearance above 60’c, sure I totally agree, however I would be interested to know how the 70’c figure was decided upon, as oppose to say 65’c - as in theory if the system was working correctly it would always reach 65’c. Higher heat will always result in greater loss so has the idea of reducing the temperature ever been discussed do you know?

I do appreciate it must be difficult for ELE to control their output into the system. Generally the water entering the unit is 55’c ‘off peak’ and 70’c ‘peak’ however i’ve observed it considerably higher (the heatmeter is useful for displaying flow and return temperatures for anybody interested). As an example from last month on 11/04/15 the highest recorded temperature was 81.7’c entering my hot water tank! As far as i’m concerned this quite clearly demonstrates to me that ELE are not effectively managing the system as an 11.7’c differential on the target temperature is quite clearly going to be wasting a lot of energy which we are all paying for!

It would be interesting to see how water temperature entering the Elson unit compares across the whole heat network, i.e. do the first blocks on the route of the heat network receive higher temperature water compared to those at the end? If it were the case then it would be unfair for those at the higher end of the scale (n.b. map of heat network http://image.slidesharecdn.com/michaelsmith-121114143331-phpapp02/95/implementing-chp-district-heating-reducing-energy-costs-and-co2-emissions-28-638.jpg?cb=1352903777)


@ian_king - A quick question please!

My temperature never goes about 50 degrees. ELE say that’s fine and that there is no health risk as that is managed centrally. Triathlon’s plumbers say it is not doing what it should and ELE should look at it. (They did, very quickly, and said it is fine.) Effectively it appears not to ‘boost’, whatever that means.

Should I be concerned?