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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the update. For the record on my 1 bed with heating at 5C - and never ever turned on.

September- £43.39
Energy charge: £9.28
Fixed charge: £17.48
CHAC - £16.63

October - £38.47
Energy charge: £8.21
Fixed charge: £17.48
CHAC - £12.78

November £39.26
Energy charge: £10.50
Fixed charge: £17.48
CHAC - £11.28

I was under the impression the CHAC would be going down as other flats in our plot would be absorbing some of the heat but it seems not. I am at a loss, is it time for cold showers completely then? Or do we just give up washing all together…

I’ve not emailed ELE just yet but will be shortly to feedback on the CHAC. Thanks for your help on this!


Hi @Lizzie @Robert_Vesty , @ian_king , @Jess_Shankleman

Thought I’d post last months bill for @danny — as my heating has always been quite reasonable. This shows the whole 12 months bar chart and the spike last December '13, where we had our underfloor heating running on default settings from moving in November '13.

Hope this helps some people as the new bills are due to be generated soon.


Hi Lee - thanks for this. Super interesting that our 1 bed with heating never on is on some occasions higher than yours!


Hi @Lizzie — I’ve thought about this and if the heating is off, there won’t be any difference, we use the same bathroom for showers. (right next door to the hot water tank, so the hot water isn’t wasted being dragged through pipes) So in effect as long as the heating isn’t on, the cost of a townhouse shouldn’t be anymore than a 1 bed flat.
The interesting results will be over the next couple of months as we battle with our thermostat to create an ambient balance throughout.


Maybe the answer is I ban Jonathan from his showers :wink: It just feels weird as we never ever have the underfloor heating on.

Your CHAC is lower than ours by £4-9 per month.


Thanks Lee. Two issues here I think: 1) CHAC is too inconsistent and variable and leaves many of us feeling it’s a figure being plucked from the sky 2) Triathlon’s (and presumably GLL’s) default settings are way off the mark. I’ll raise this latter point with Mark Kent. Ian, Jess and I (for EVRA) are due to meet with ELE next Wednesday morning as a follow-up to our October meeting. Will update.


Just received our recent bill, for December…we’ve gone down a whole £3, must be because we were away for 1-2 weeks maybe.

Energy Charge 177.0 kWh at £0.06728 / kWh £11.91
Fixed Charges (01/01/15 to 31/01/15) £17.48
Common Heat Availability Charge £7.32
Total Charges £36.71

Edit: The energy charge has gone up (which is bizarre as we would’ve been using less hot water when away for 1-2 weeks), CHAC has gone down a few ££.


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to mention that somehow our bill has gone up over £100 for December. This is apparently from over 1213 kWh of usage. I cannot understand how we have used so much energy. The heating is only ever on at regular levels never excessive and is switched off during the day.
I don’t know whether anyone else has experienced this, however with the current situation I either can’t afford to pay or I freeze in my flat.
If anyone has any advice then I’d love to hear it as that bill is ridiculous.


Just had a look at ours and my usage is 586kWh for December for a 2 bed flat. That said most days we don’t use the heating at all. Bill was still £65. Is your bill just for one month as that sounds really high.


Energy Charge 284.0 kWh at £0.06728 / kWh £19.11
Fixed Charges (01/01/15 to 31/01/15) £17.48
Common Heat Availability Charge £4.88
Total Charges £41.47

We have been away for two whole weeks in December and, with a lower CHAC (almost half), we are still paying £5 more than Lizzie. And while she has gone down £3, we’ve gone up £5. So, for us: November staying whole month is £36, whereas December staying half of the month is £41. I don’t get it at all.


Hi Guys,

So i’ve got my bill today too… I think I concur with all that has been said above, I honestly don’t have a clue what is going on here. When I initially moved here in mid April, I had left my underfloor heating on unknowingly and that was the reason behind my spike in May.

After that, I learned the “5 degree” technique and my bills steadily came down and I thought I had it all figured out. However, November and December have suddenly shot up and I have no idea why, there has been no change in our usage habits and the heating is still on 5 degrees.

I did notice that my towel rail was getting extremely hot during the day, so I turned the valve off and it has remained cool since about mid November, but surely that couldnt have had an effect on it? My CHAC is at its lowest ever at < £5 but how on earth has my consumption in December risen to > 600 kWh?

I’ve quickly plotted my numbers in excel, please see below (June figures are actually April - June) -


Is consumption based on meter readings or is it estimated? I don’t actually know.


Consumption is based on readings @ah00198, they are able to check them remotely from their premises.


Awesome graph!

it is utterly bizarre. And frustrating.


Wow, yes Aniket. Very nice. I have all the figures in Excel, but have no idea how to do a graph. Is it easy?


Thanks @Lizzie, I spend a vast portion of my day making financial models at work, so excel is second nature to me lol

@Robert_Vesty, thanks buddy… I am happy to help over the weekend, we only live two doors away from each other so let me know!


HI All, thought I’d chime in…

@NiK - if you haven’t changed your consumption, i.e. heating off all the time then I’d suggest you get on the phone to ELE / landlord and ask for someone to come and check your system - this could only happen if something within your building is using the heat OR if you have a faulty heat meter. If you are using your heating then that changes things, but if not, sounds like a fault somewhere (especially as your towel rail came on randomly, which suggests hot water is indeed flowing into the system somewhere!).

One of the other comments was around heating only on a bit more - this would suggest that the temperature had dropped, and therefore logic would suggest that to hit a certain temperature the heating system is going to have to work harder than previously. This would mean you’d expect a non-linear increase in your bill for this. And the higher the temperature you are trying to hit the worse that would be. Above a certain point this just sees the system on full trying to hit a temperature it can’t reach (NOTE - I have no idea what temperature that would actually be).

On the point of being aware and using less and the bill only reducing a slight amount, I guess you actually need to look at the change in the bit you consume. If that hasn’t changed much then it is worth thinking about why (a fault vs something you’ve changed).

I know we all hate the CHAC thing, but it is worth remembering that in other heat networks this is just hidden within the charges. Part of me thinks that being able to see it actually makes things more confusing, rather than it actually being helpful.

Anyway, we’re talking with ELE again soon, and all of this information is very useful, as they’ve been disappointing in the following up on our suggestions from the first meeting.

However, I do wonder how much is a fault of ELE and how much is a fault of GLL/Triathlon for not testing all the systems out before handover properly, given they’d all been dormant for the best part of 2 years. To be continued…


I’m in a similar situation to many of you with a bill for Dec which to me seems astronomical based on our usage. Our consumption levels are showing as similar to when we first moved in (default on al the time), even though we’ve revised our settings and had a consistently reasonable bill (£35-£45) for the past 7 months. The new bill is almost double that at circa £75 and although we left the heating on for an hour longer I can’t for the life of me get my head round the idea that that constitutes such an increase in usage. I had a brief chat with ELE last night and once again they’ve assured me that they are reading our consumption levels correctly. I’ve since sent an email to GLL to come and check our system.

A few other residents have reported similar problems with excessive bills and after a contractor has attended they’ve discovered an issue with their intake valve. So I’d advise everybody experience these issues to enquire about that and hopefully we can see somebody pull their finger out to help us sort out what is currently extortionate bills, as far as I’m concerned.


Hi - we experienced EXACTLY the same as @NiK and seemingly other people, our usage graph looks almost identical. Our usage DOUBLED in December even though we were away for 2 weeks and our heating has been switched completely off. We have raised this will both @GetLivingLondon and East London Energy, but no one seems to know what is going on. We have had contractors in and everything… It’s so frustrating!!! In fact we had someone come over today and they confirmed our heating was completely OFF yet the floor in the bedroom and bathroom was warm. He even checked all the channels which were off too… all the property management seems to be baffled as well as us.


I suspect there are a lot of issues with how the systems are set up.

We originally thought we were lucky in that our towel rails came on even though our heating was set to ‘off’ permanently on the thermostat.

We’ve since come to learn that the towel rails do actually only come on when there is demand for heating from any of the zones on the system.

So why were our towel rails coming on when the main thermostat was set to ‘OFF’? Turns out… the slave thermostats have to be properly paired with the main thermostat, and if they are not, they use a default value completely independent of the main controller. We figured this out as we noticed several of the lights in the utility cupboard being on and showing demand from multiple rooms even when the system was meant to be completely off.

After setting the system up again ourselves it now works as intended (although our bills are still higher than we’d like due to the extortionate ELL rate relative to the cost of energy to fuel an individual boiler as most properties would have – unfortunately nothing we can do about that).

I’d suggest as I have many times before that unfortunately when you throw up properties on such scale that the workmen have a lot of tasks to get done during their day and therefore a lot of corners have been cut during construction, fix, fit and finish which will have resulted in things like this.