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My bill seems to have been estimated this month and last month, so ELE’s 30th September figure is now higher than the current actual reading. Is anyone else having ‘estimated’ readings on their bill?


Not estimated this month. Last month it was because they do that when the reading date/day falls on a weekend apparently.


So, interestingly, electricity doesn’t vary to much on number of people and sometimes not to much on flat size. If one person is watch a TV it’s the same as if 10 people are watching the same TV. A light is a light no matter how many people are in the room, and cooking for one costs about the same as cooking for 2.

Differences are more likely due to washing machine usage. On the CHAC - it’s to do with the heat loss in the pipes within each building, meaning it varies between each building. As more people use heat then less should be wasted I’d imagine, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I know ELE are working with the landlords to look at the CHAC. Remember the CHAC is a result of heat loss on the network owned by the landlord, but by ELE. I know this makes it a little complex.

Along with two others I recently met with ELE - I have been just too busy to write up some notes, but I will do this as soon as I get a chance. It was a positive meeting and there will be some actions to take forward as a result. As first into anywhere new there will always be teething problems, so I think we just need to see how things develop.

Oh, and remember, it’s about comparison of the bill over an entire year, not just month by month, and (to add more complexity) it isn’t easy to do a direct comparison which is a touch frustrating probably, but not surprising at the same time as nothing to do with energy is ever easy. Also, everything has a standing charge (or variation of) including gas, elec, water, sewage, phone line…


Hi All,

So a quick update on the meeting with ELE. Myself and two other residents went along and we discussed

  1. The customer journey, i.e. the experience we have as customers dealing with ELE from the first interaction of signing a rather long contract, through to trying to get our first bill and then day to day customer service;
  2. The complexity of the heating system, which contains four parts with up to three owners (the exact number depends on if you own or rent);
  3. The overall cost of heat via the heat network;
  4. The real need for education for all on how to use the properties we now live in and how to use the heating systems;
  5. The CHAC.

It was a really positive meeting and there seemed to be a real desire to work with us, although given it was a first meeting ELE were very much in listening mode as we’d had expected. We met with their Director, their Head of Billing and a technical guy (I didn’t get his job title). All very nice people.

The main outcome was we all agreed it would be good to put in place education for residents on how to use the flats, especially the heating. It’s complex and because these are modern properties without drafts the way we use them needs to change. This needs residents, ELE, Triathlon and GLL to all work together.

On the billing, we pointed to some technical things which are more industry wide rather than ELE specific. These will be an ongoing discussion and so something for the back burner. I know some people got high bills last winter, but for the bills I have seen, this was due to high usage, so they would have been high on the heat network, but also on gas or electricity. It’s really important to learn how to best use the heating in your homes - this is obviously the same when you live anywhere in the UK. The default settings, in my opinion, are way to high for our properties, even though I know they’ve been set that way for a reason. High bills with low usage are good to complain about, but high bills for high usage will be a different discussion.

On the CHAC specifically, this is unique to ELE because of the requirements put on them by the London Legacy people. For others heat networks it would be hidden within the bills. They are already talking with the landlords to better look at the heat losses I think (my reading rather than there words). Like us, this is their first year collecting data here, so they are learning. Each network is unique. The CHAC dropped for most this month, and my guess is that this relates to some having turned their heating on. If my back of the envelope thinking is right then I think the CHAC will be lower in the winter than the summer.

On the customer journey, we offered to work with them, if they wish, to give them views from the customer side. I think this will happen with time and will hopefully help new people who move in as well as helping the customer service we get.

For me this was a really good first meeting. Remember, it’s about total annual cost, not month by month.

Happy to discuss further.



Interesting reading. I moved in (Galena) April this year and am still unsettled and confused by all the utility elements. My therm has been turned down to 5deg since I moved in as I’ve not needed any heating - doors/windows still open most of the time. However, I would like to get the towel rail working soon! Education would be fab as I find the Green Folder mind bogglingly confusing! Look forward to hearing more. Linda


Hi @lindyloospice (nice nickname) - We are exactly the same as you, we literally turned our stat to 5º (which was all I could do). We started closing the windows for the first time this week. I won’t even be worrying about using the heating at the rate as these homes seem so efficient at holding warmth.

Re. the towel rails, they were working just fine when we moved in (before we lowered to 5º) Unfortunately unless you are using the heating, they will not work. They need hot water flowing I believe, so that’s a disappointment as it would be good to warm our baby towels etc. I’m going to dig out folder again soon, I keep it above the fridge and it rarely comes out. I’d better geek up a bit just incase I need to switch the heating on.

Has anyone else switched their heating on yet?


Thank you for the update.


There seems to be an inconsistency between properties in how the towel rails are installed. We have our heating completely off but our towel rails get hot a couple of times per day and do a good job of drying our towels. I am assuming that they come on when there is water flowing into the hot water cylinder assuming the ambient temperature is low enough for the thermostatic valve on the towel rail to be open. Someone on Facebook has corroborated that the systems were intended to be installed this way but for some reason it isn’t the case in all properties. Not sure why this would be. Perhaps something @GetLivingLondon can answer?

Towel Rails in East Village

The rails were meant to be run off electricity ie wall switch set up and should never have been connected to the hot water system in anyway. Some are connected so you get ambient heat off the hot water when the rail/heating is off but that’s the minority and not the majority. Therefore it has nothing to do with ELE in the context that they aren’t responsible for the installation of said rails. How they actually function is down to the contractors for your building and your landlord. For those that get ambient heat your bills in theory should be less than for the majority and you always have dry/warm towels! Though having said all that if your rail is off there should be no through flow of hot water as it can’t get there due to the valve being closed so might be worth getting it looked at.

Towel Rails in East Village

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Hi Lee, I can’t access the thread about the towel rails. I keep getting an error message. I have a query about my ELE meter usage significantly increasing when having the towel rail on. For the past couple of days I’ve set my heating to ‘21’ for 1 hour between 6.30am & 7.30am. I’ve set it to 11.5 for the rest of the time. I’ve monitored my usage for 2 days & it’s increased by 51kwh. This seems very significant usage for just having the heating on at 21 degrees for 1 hour a day and at 11.5 for the rest of the day over a period of 2 days! My towel rail doesn’t seem to work if I don’t set the heating on above 20 degrees. Has anyone else been monitoring their meter usage while having the heated towel rail on?


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CHAC has gone up for me this month. Up to nearly £17 and from what I understood that it would go down with more people using heating. Disappointing, starting to feel at a complete loss.


Well… Following months of waiting for my DD to appear for ELE it came… 26/8-31/10 = £99.54… It’s not shocking but it’s a little hard paying for “hot” water when it’s never really “hot”. And bearing in mind I have yet to turn on the heating…


That sounds about right for that time period as it includes several months fixed/shared charges too. If your water temp isn’t hot enough ask for it to be changed, you can’t do it yourself.


A bit of drama at my flat. After waiting 3 weeks for triathlon to give me assistance with programming my heating, it turns out that I had one visit where my heating was set to come on at specific times, then another visit from an electrician (because of shabby workmanship from a contractor) and told that it should be set to 19?then heat will gradually be topped up??? waiting for my bill now to see what damage has been done by two conflicting arguments. I have it on manual so that I can put it up or down as I want to be in control of how warm my home should be. Anyone else experience this?


I thought I’d mastered it - only took me a year! I Was feeling extremely smug, but for some reason the kids bedrooms are not heating like the other zones. The living room and our bedroom perfect. So wondering if we’ve got an underfloor fault. Solution, extra layer for the kids. #FirstWorldProblems


I hear you Lee. My living room still not warm enough. Think we have a long journey ahead of us to resolve this issue.


Interesting to hear what people continue to say about their experience with ELE - there was a flurry of comments on the EV Facebook page last week in the light of last months’ bills being issued. As this thread knows from Ian King, I met with with ELE back in October (along with other EV resident Jess Shankleman) and Ian gave an outline above of that meeting and the areas covered. I’ve been chasing ELE (as well as Mark Kent at Triathlon) for some update on what actions/strategies have been put in place since that meeting, and I’m still waiting. It’s frustrating, but we will update as we can.

My personal view is that the service provided by ELE is a mess and I would encourage residents to keep complaining direct to ELE. Call them. Write emails to the enquiries@eastlondonenergy.co.uk address. Do what you can to let them know they’ve stuffed up on customer service, that their charges appear to be inconsistent, and that they’re abusing their monopoly status by over-charging us (which is what the whole District Energy industry in the UK is doing to be fair).

For the record, me and my partner have been in our 1-bed flat for well over a year now, and our total ELE cost for a 12-month period was £427.62. The CHAC part of that was hugely variable and inconsistent - for example July £7.23, August £11.05 & September £6.01 and I emailed Donna Crossan at ELE today about this specifically.

Anyhow, more soon hopefully.

Underfloor heating