East London Energy


I agree @peterwb1, never understood why the corridors are so brightly lit 24 hours a day either!


Hi all, anyone else also experiencing problems with the heating system today in Vesta House?
Mine seems not be working.
Thank you.


Hi @andre yes, I already called GLL about the issue but I still do not have any updates and looks like the office is now close. We have no hot water or heating :frowning:


Hi @frankdasilva thank you very much for your answer. I also emailed ELE but no answer until now, they seem to be working on one side of the building.


Latest ELE nonsense: they’re still charging a 1% credit card fee even though this became illegal as of Saturday.

The good news is that Money Saving Expert were very interested in my story so now they’re chasing them as part of an article they’re writing. (news@moneysavingexpert.com if you want to add your complaint).

The whole district heating industry needs some proper regulation.


East London Energy mentioned halfway down:

East London Energy, a small green energy provider, has admitted it has continued to charge customers a 1% fee for paying bills by credit card after the ban came in.

After we explained the rules to a staff member at the company, we were told it will stop charging the fee. The staff member said East London Energy would also be tracking which customers had been charged the fee, and they would be given the money back in credit.

They haven’t yet replied to my email asking about how I can pay without the charge.


Interesting to call them a ‘small green energy supplier’ - they’re part of one of the largest energy companies in Europe…


Hi guys,
Firstly thank you for raising this almost 5 years ago. Does anyone here have any news on why ELE are still charging outrageous fixed charges for residents of E20 and beyond?

I am in the process of filling my own complaint against ELE and Landlease who own the freehold. It is apparent that the two companies collided, which breaches UK competition law.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am fighting for all that this effects. FYI, ELE reported £5m profit for the tax year 2018, 25%.



Myself and my partner moved into Manhattan Loft Gardens around 4 months ago. This is the first time living in a building with a CHAC so not completely used to it. We I pretty much understand how it works and have read though other people’s comments. Our bill is around £65 a month, which seems really high, is this normal, should we expect this going forward ? I’ve attached a photo


Lots of unhappiness with ELE and unfortunately they have a long contract with ‘legal’ right to charge lots - significantly more than the equivalent gas heating according to online calculators when originally it was sold to residents as cheaper and more efficient as well as more eco-friendly

One tip - make sure every contact with ELE is either in writing, or confirmed in writing after a conversation. Often more cock-up than conspiracy, but their systems are all over the place so do not rely on promises made to you being kept