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Yeah, got an estimated bill as well. I hadn’t noticed that until I saw this thread but did think that the bill amounts were strangely consistent one month to the next.


Mine is a massive overestimate because they’ve now estimated two months in a row just as we went into winter but we’ve not had our heating on at all because the flat is plenty warm enough without. So they’ve estimated a massive increase in usage whereas it should be stable with the summer months. How do I give them my meter reading? What’s the point in having a smart meter if they use estimates anyway?

Pretty sure they don’t read these forums though.


I was told they hadn’t fixed the software problem, but that my block would be fixed by next week

I asked whether they would be communicating with customers and received the reply below which I present with no comment

To my knowledge, we will not be as the next bill will reconcile the difference as per the terms and conditions within the Residential Supply Agreement.

4.2 If We have not been able to read Your Meter at the time of billing due to a defect in Our automated meter reading system, because We have not been able to get access to the Meter, or We have reason to believe that the Meter is defective or not reading correctly, We may bill You and You must pay Us on the basis of Our reasonable estimate of Your consumption of the Heat Supply.
5.6 Where We have billed You based on an estimate of the Heat Supply consumed by Your Home’s Heating System under Clause ‎4.2 and subsequently take a Meter reading, We shall reconcile the Charges billed based on the estimate with Your actual consumption based on the Meter reading and apply a credit or debit to Your account which will be shown on Our next Bill.

Kindest regards,
Metering & Billing Department | East London Energy


So that clause actuality allows them to just estimate it forever, nice.


It might sound a bit too obvious, but have you asked them whether you could provide them with a meter reading?
(Our bill is now based on a actual reading again, after last month’s [over]estimation.)


As far as I can tell, they offer no such convenience.


Before I contact ELE:
Am I the only one whose “fixed charge” has gone up to 17.84 (from 17.64)?
I had not received any notice about that.


Hi @Falco did you get anywhere with the Honeywell controller? When we moved in back in 2014 and occasionally travelled for longer period we would switch it off. The bill was slightly lower then. Apparently we are meant to leave it on always! But I disagree with this. Although I haven’t switched it off since, because I got told it might disturb the distribution of water etc to other flats.
Let me know if you got anywhere with this?


Nope, no news here. Sorry.


Thanks for letting me know @Falco


Just checked and I’ve got the increase too, with no notification

@EVRA I wouldn’t want to accuse ELE of increasing profits unfairly by sneaking small increases across all customers without telling anyone. Do any of the committee know anything?



Mine has also increased!


I stopped looking at the bill. Last year was colder than this year, same indoor conditions, temperature set at 21 since the end of last winter and I’m paying more than last year!!This is one of those strange phenomena!!


I’ve emailed asking for an explanation. Would suggest everyone else does as well!


I’ve engaged the ELE management now @jools, having a face to face meeting in May post the Shared Owners meeting.

I am handling the relationship with ELE going forwards, I’ve enquired about the increase too… will keep you posted.


I just got this from ELE
"Unfortunately there was an error in our outsourced print solution in sending the charge indexation letter out and as such this has not been received prior to the bills being sent out. The letters were sent out yesterday 1st class and will be with you today."
I’ve replied asking them to clarify that they’ll be reimbursing ALL residents and that they’ll be delaying increase in order to adhere to the terms and conditions of the residential supply agreement.
Will share response when I get it.


This just from Donna at ELE
"Hi Robert,We will be reimbursing for the difference and a communication will be sent out to all residents. It will confirm that the next bill will have the reimbursement, and the new rates will be applied as of 20th May so the bill will have a cutover mid month showing on the bill.The comms will be with everyone by Thursday.Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.Many thanks,Donna Hayward"
Best rob


I’m sorry I am coming really late on this. Had a read through the comments - But has anyone had any reponse from ELE on what we can do as residents to reduce the bill amounts?


Hi @peterwb1

I’ve lived here for 18 months and my bills have been very similar every month regardless of the season, outside temp., if I’m on holiday and away from the flat etc. It’s a mystery why they are consistently high whether I have my heating on or not.

Good luck.


Thanks - its really frustrating because even outside of a financial point of view it’s so wasteful from an environmental point of view… Hot corridors etc…