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Mine too - have emailed them. As you say it’s a matter of pence each but adds up!


Yes, you’re right, they’ve missed out the direct debit discount on my bill as well. Thanks for the heads up @jools!


Just had a response. They will sending corrected versions shortly


Excellent work @jools, thanks very much for the heads up! :smile:


Excellent, @jools ! I just called, ELE will issue an amended bill tomorrow.

By the way, the bill ELE sent to me consists of:

58% Fixed Charges
28% Energy Charge
14% Common Heat Availability Charge

Apart from the horrific Fixed Charges, I find it quite surprising - to put it mildly - that the Common Heat Availability Charge comes to 50% of what I pay for my own Energy Charge. Well - I went on elsewhere about extremely high temperatures in common areas.


@ian_king / Honeywell Controller

First of all, I would like to thank you for your advice, Ian.

Next, I would like to mention that I spent the first 31 years of my 46 years of age in a place where minus 20 degree centigrades in winter are normal for 4 to 6 weeks a year. The vast majority of houses in the small village I originally come from have triple(!) window glazing, as well as underfloor heating. It is, in fact, the norm to have both. Even my grandmother, now 86 years old, operates such an underfloor heating system - without the help of other family members. And it is of course common practice to adjust the (equivalent of the) Honeywell controller in order to make full use the various functions it offers, among them an energy-saving mode for prolonged absences e.g. during holidays. Not to “play around” with it (as you put it) seems to me a bit like buying a car, and then only driving in the first gear. Why change the gear, it’s been like that when I bought the car.

As odd as the comparison may seem, I shall nevertheless peruse the matter further, and I shall ask Triathlon for a proper introduction. With regard to the fact that in this very thread, there appears to be no interest in the matter at all, I think it might be appropriate for me to open a different “Honeywell Controller” one.

Thank you,
Best wishes,


I think I win - my Common Heat charge is 58% of my energy charge (£4.89 vs. £8.30)!!


Less than 100%?! mine’s 128% (£6.70 vs £5.24)


@Falco - slightly passive aggressive.

The point is the to control the heating in your flat you use the thermostat controller on the wall. The Honeywell controller basically controls the heat of the water in the hot water tank. You don’t pay for that heat until it leaves the tank, i.e. when you put the heating on or use hot water from the tap.

Anyway, good luck with your tinkering.


@ian_king - I am truly sorrry, I did not mean to sound aggressive. I am admittedly German, though. I assume this is a sufficient explanation for it :joy:

In any case, be assured that I very much appreciate your input and work for this forum.


Just a pointer that we had post returned by Royal Mail today from ELE’s PO Box in Crawley which has now been ‘seized’.

If anyone is going to be contacting them by post they are advised not to use this address, which has been quietly removed from the contact page of their website but not various other pages.


Hey guys, been a while since I posted my charts in here :smile:

Just a follow up on my post in April, a few observations -

  1. Its so much easier to track spend with CHAC being kept constant at £5.81 because I know that a minimum charge that I would face would be CHAC + Fixed = £23.45 and hence I can use my consumption as the main lever to bring down my bills.

  2. Since my CHAC has stabilised in May, my bills have averaged < £37! pretty pleased with this (although this has coincided with our summer months)

  3. My November and December bills last year were inflated due to a faulty valve, which caused my consumption to spike - i’m very eager to see what this year’s bills will be for those particular months.

  4. My average for 2014 was £44.94 (April - Dec), My 12 month average is £47.06 (April 2014 - April 2015) and my 2015 YTD average is £44.35 (Jan - Aug), so despite my spike last winter, its been remarkably consistent.

  5. The geek in me wants to try and see if I can bring my bill down to < £30 overall (including CHAC and Fixed Charge), to do this… I would have ensure a consumption of 108 kWH ( 108 x £0.06018 = £6.49) + £17.64 + £5.81 = £30.

  6. Definitely going to stick with my theory of leaving heating “off” (5 degrees) and putting it up when I feel cold only and NOT leaving it at a constant temperature during winter.


I think having a fixed CHAC is great because I can mentally eliminate that portion of the bill and focus on how much I’m actually being charged for my usage. We were away for two weeks in August and I was hoping our bill would be slashed in something approaching a half… It did’t. Despite turning off the mains.

With our fixed charges being

CHAC: £4.89
Fixed Charges: £17.64
And our actual usage being 97kWh which cost us a measly: £5.84

We were still charged almost the same amount of money as for the Summer months we (alas) weren’t on holiday. I wonder what percentage of the standing charge goes for the insurance. I read somewhere that E-on evaluate other providers insurance at around £400 a year, when in fact you can get boiler insurance at £180 a year.


ELE Update

As you may know @ian_king @Robert_Vesty @Jess_Shankleman have been working hard for over a year with ELE, on behalf of the residents who have been facing high bills, understanding how the heating works, amongst other issues.

Ian King, Rob Vesty and Jess Shankleman have decided to hand this back over to EVRA to carry on the good work they’ve been doing. You can find some of the issues that have already been achieved on the EVRA website

EVRA would like to give them a huge thank you for all their hard work over the year.

If anyone is Interested in taking over from them then please get in touch with me at



Thanks again to @ian_king @Robert_Vesty and @Jess_Shankleman

Ian - when you get some time, based on what you told me the other day - can you write a simple layman synopsis based on your findings? If nothing else it gives us some closure to your work. This would be really useful for me.


Noticed on this week’s bill there is an estimated reading rather than actual

Apparently there was a software issue which will be fixed and a system improvement installed in time to correct everything for the next bill

No issue with any equipment in the flats

If I was the only one, just ignore me


Same here, @jools estimated reading rather than actual


Anyone else get another estimated bill? What is the problem at ELE? Aren’t these smart meters?


Yes. Mine it is an estimated bill.


Yep-mine estimated too

Are ELE on here? I’ll email them as well but would be good for them to maybe communicate…