E20CC October Training & Club rides + Accessible Ride


Yeah I’m in for the mid pace ride


Hey guys,
I don’t have a computer to upload the route to. I’d be comfortable getting home if dropped but might make it difficult riding at the front.
I won’t come as this might be a problem…


@pbrown no issue for me, you should still come along


Don’t hold back because of that. We generally shout out directions. Not always the right ones but we try our best!


Ok in my way!


Sorry I missed you this morning - managed a splinter ride with Pete out towards Epping before setting out to chase a group who I wouldn’t recognize if I found them… That was never going to work!


Good ride today once the initial issue with regards to pace was sorted out. Big thanks to everyone who turned up!

@David_Wilson1 great to have another David in the club! We shall have to find a nickname for you! Details for joining can be found here https://yonder.e20.org/t/want-to-join-e20-cycling-club/4212?u=henry

@pbrown having a Garmin/GPS device with the map isn’t compulsory as we ride in a group and shout out turns etc. The only time it’s useful is if you need to get back by yourself. In those cases, having a phone on you will usually do the trick.


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