E20CC October Training & Club rides + Accessible Ride


Though if it’s wet tomorrow I think 80 is fine… honestly it depends on the tyres


@A_my 80—90psi is good on those 37mm Clements you have, be careful descending or tight turns on the with wet leaves.

@MdeBokx I’m going to try and tag on the back at Leytonstone


Had fun today. If anyone wants to help me get better at hills so I can pick up the pace that would be ace! Looking to improve so any tips or support would be welcomed! I reckon I’ll be staying in the accessible group but definitely want to get faster.


Hi guys. Really disappointed that I didn’t make it today. The truth is that I bottled it. I got kitted up, clipped in and then BLEAHH!! I’m fully fit, but that tumble I took a few weeks ago appears to have knocked my confidence.

Anyone had similar experiences?


Sorry to hear that Kris - perfectly normal to feel nervous after an unexpected sit down.

Probably a good idea to do some sessions on the velopark road circuit. No traffic to worry about, and plenty opportunity to play with speed, getting used to braking, and going up and down through the gears


Thanks Jools. I’m going to do that. It was actually the road circuit at the velo Park where I had my ‘unexpected sit down’ - I love that phrase.

I was doing one of the Wednesday endurance and speed sessions while the instructor, showing me some group riding manoeuvre.

Next time, I’ll aim to bring the instructor down with me.


Kudos to everyone on the accessible today! The wind was not forgiving :slightly_smiling_face:



Happy to say I’m not at all sore today… apart from a crick in my neck that I can’t get rid of and a sore calf muscle on my previously broken leg. Other than that I’m all good and look forward to the next one. I should be doing a bike fit this week following a recommendation from @Lee so I’m expecting that to iron out any position issues. Thanks for the encouragement yesterday.


Hi @A_my — highly recommend talking to Wei Ho from Foundation Fit, he is the owner, besides being an absolute gentleman, he’s a highly qualified pro and has worked with many of the big players in the industry. It’s a very inclusive offer and he fits anyone from commuter to pro athletes. (We are proud to partner with him at @PaveVelo and we don’t get commission or any kickback - it’s all about working with good people)

https://foundation.fit - Excellent value and London’s only mobile bike fit service!

I’ll ask Wei to join Yonder and share some videos and stuff on this thread!


Trying to decide whether I should go for the Basic or Standard fit. Standard seems like it will be pretty comprehensive but price-wise it’s a bit high so what do you think?


Thanks for posting this! Think I will take advantage of the service too, I’ve never been fitted and it would be cool to get some pro feedback on how I can enhance my positioning / riding :smiley:


I’m all booked in so should be down at the store at 10am on Friday.


Just to let you know how the bike fit went this morning. Obviously I’ve not been riding the new setup for long but riding away from the shop earlier I noticed a huge difference. The power of my pedal is fuller and the bike fits my body pretty perfectly at the moment. I would say it’s worth it based on what I know so far. Will update when I’m doing the work commute again but so far I’m very pleased!


Hi guys,
There was talk of a mid pace tomorrow - is this happening still? Been looking forward to joining it :slight_smile:


###E20 to Blackmore Club Ride

#Clocks go back tonight!

Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 17mph (27-28kph)
Distance: 90km
Profile: Rolling, flat
Saddle Time (est.): 3-4 hrs

Hi — I’ll be offering a ride out to Blackmore tomorrow 29th October. Club Ride so please all have the route and be prepared to match the pace of the group and take your turn on the front. We will endeavour to ride together throughout but you should be capable of getting yourself home should you be permanently dropped. Some will head further than Blackmore (Im undecided) so you should definitely download the route file below.

We will aim for an AVERAGE across the ride of 17mph (27kph).

Prepare by:

  • Pumping your tyres to appropriate pressure 90-100psi on road tyre, oil your chain
  • Set correct saddle height and consider postion
  • Understand the distance and elevation
  • Eat and drink while on the road (bar/gel every c.20k does the trick for me)
  • Carrying spare inner tube, levers etc.
  • Cash for getting home if you have serious mechanical issues
  • Have breakfast!

Please let me know here in advance by replying on this topic if you plan to join.

Epping to Blackmore with a loop (2).gpx (156.6 KB)

Want to join E20 Cycling Club?

@pbrown see above.


See you in the morning @Henry - I’m in


Looks good, I’ll be there, thanks


Great, see you there