E20CC October Training & Club rides + Accessible Ride


Hi everyone,

Can I join the next Accessible ride on 22 Oct please? I would say I am an experienced cyclist used to commuting in London and the odd longer ride, but I’ve not ridden in larger groups before. I’d love to join up and try.



more than welcome to join us :slight_smile: the info should be above, I’ll be leading this weeks ride with Anthony. See you Sunday!!



Departure: 8:30am (let’s aim to meet for 8:15)
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 15mph (24kph)
Distance: 25-30m (40-50k)

Hi — I’ll be offering a 25-30mile (40-50km) ride to the Acorn Hut at High Beech, Epping Forest and back, with the option of doing two hill climbs (Lippits and Mott street for the feeling good in the legs!). This ride is aimed at road bike riders, no-one left behind.

Whilst this ride is accessible, the aim is to push yourself and improve your fitness in a safe and controlled environment.

We will aim for an AVERAGE across the ride of 15mph (24kph) - this is flexible based on the ability on the ride itself, ride leaders will look out anyone struggling with pace and adjust accordingly.

This is a ‘no drop’ ride, meaning we will wait for anyone who is struggling and work together as a team to reach our destination.

Prepare by:

  • Pumping your tyres to appropriate pressure 90-100psi on road tyre, oil your chain
  • Set correct saddle height and consider position
  • Understand the distance
  • Take water and snacks during the ride
  • Carrying spare inner tube, levers etc.
  • Cash for getting home if you have serious mechanical issues
  • No need for rucksacks or luggage, remove D-Locks etc.
  • Have breakfast!

Please let me know here in advance by replying on this topic if you plan to join.

Marinthe :smiley:



Departure: 08:00 (Longer Day in the saddle so lets meet 07:45 and roll out 08:00 sharp)
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 17mph (26kph)
Distance: 93miles / 150km
Saddle Time: 5h30m - 6h00m

Hi — I’ll be offering a long distance ride this week, dropping the pace slightly and extending the distance. Plenty of stops available en route for resting, stretching and refuelling should we wish. Main one will be here. Saddle time of between 5h30m - 6h00m

As an alternative to a faster pace these rides are great for building long distance stamina and something that I will be offering more of in the coming months to reduce the stress on lungs and heart in cold weather. Thereby (hopefully) reducing illness and injury and keeping us rolling throughout the season!! (Winter miles count extra don’t you know!? :joy:)

Route can be viewed here and downloaded here - 22.10-e20cc.gpx (252.9 KB)

Prepare by:

  • Consider bike setup for longer distance comfort and efficiency
  • Understand the distance and have route available for reference
  • Wearing weather and distance appropriate kit
  • Take water and snacks during the ride (ideally consuming at the back of the group)
  • Carrying spares: more miles = more chance of a flat/mechanical
  • Cash for getting home if you have serious mechanical issues

Any questions or suggestions just give me a shout, otherwise just let me know if you plan to come along.



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Hi @pbrown

Sure thing! @MdeBokx has posted the Accessible ride details above. Could you confirm if you’re coming so we know numbers?

@A_my are you able to make it too?


Hi @Jess129 Did you ever get sorted with spd shoes/pedals? DM me


I am planning to be on the accessible ride on Sunday although I have been wavering about whether I can hack it! 13 miles a day work commute with an average speed of 9-10mph so I might be a slight slow-poke. Just invested in spare tube, pump and arm warmers so after spunking money on that it would be an utter shambles if I didn’t come!


Hey @A_my - I’m not leading the accessible ride this week but I can tell you it is designed exactly for people in your position. Speed is no issue, it is a no drop ride so we ride at whatever pace needed for us all to stay together.

You’ll be absolutely fine, 13 miles a day is a decent amount of miles in the legs and riding in a group is far easier and quicker than riding on your own. We’ll have you out on 100mile’rs in no time!! :muscle:t3: Enjoy it and I’ll see you on the road soon!


Hi @A_my , I’ll see you Sunday :slight_smile:


You’ll be fine!


I’ll see you guys on Sunday.


Is there anyone planning to join me tomorrow morning? :violin: :joy:

…if no one fancies the distance please let me know. We can adjust.


Hi Marinthe, would love to join the introductory ride tomorrow if still space available? Thanks, David



Departure: Meet 8:15 Wheels Roll @ 8:30
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 26/27 km/h
Distance: Haykel’s Route which is just under 100km CLICK ME FOR THE ROUTE or E20cc - Haykels Route.gpx (158.5 KB)

Hello everyone — I’ll be offering a sub 100km ride to the tip of Chelmsford and back. The first 40km leads to Blackmore where we will stop for 30 minutes for a coffee/cake. We usually regret this afterwards but its worth it. #Doitforthelatte

This is a training ride and so you will be expected to push yourself while maintaining correct group etiquette. Please account for heavy wind before thinking the average isn’t that fast. There will be moments or stretches of road where we will be touching 40km/h as a group, so, join me on this amazing ride, but please, for the safety of others, make sure you can handle your machine at these speeds and in tight groups.

Apologies in advance but we will be unable to slow down for riders who are unable to maintain pace as this is a ‘get home before 1pm’ ride, meaning we can only stop for mechanicals (e.g. punctures). We have four hours to do this, with 30 minutes of necessary coffee time.

There are many people who can handle this so please don’t be put off, it’s just a heads up.

If you are:

  • an experienced road rider with common sense
  • of understanding with the distance
  • taking water and snacks
  • carrying spare inner tubes, levers etc.
  • rich or cash ready with a credit card
  • aware that weight is important
  • smart enough to eat a decent breakfast or you can handle without it (like me because I have fat stored… everywhere)
  • aware of the cold and ready to bring suitable clothing (arm warmers, mitts or maybe even a jacket)


From your loving Sprinting Sanchez, kisses.


Hi @Henry, @MdeBokx - thanks,Ill see you there!


Sounds good, I’ll be there


I should be there, dressed for 4 seasons in one ride


Just want to check on tyre pressures. I’ve just done mine but the max PSI is 90 and I’ve just got them up to a little over 80. Should I push it to 90?


@A_my I ride my tyres up to 110psi, it depends on the weather and what you feel comfortable with :slight_smile: (not quote sure what my max psi is meant to be to be honest…), When i started out Cycling i would go to 90, 80 seems pretty low