E20CC October Training & Club rides + Accessible Ride


I would be keen for a mid -pace :+1:t3:


im in for mid-paced ride


Thanks Chris. I’m in for the accessible ride so will see you in the morning.



Hi I’ll do either a mid-pace or do the accessible ride if that needs any support.
See you all tomorrow morning


I’m up for doing a mid-pace ride tomorrow. Did this route a couple of months ago and it was pretty good - just shy of 80km.

Meet usual place at 8.30am and we can either head out to High Beach with the accessible or run on ahead.

Usual rules apply. (See @Theqg_QG’s excellent post above!)


Should be with you this morning, but I’m coming from a different direction — so will likely meet enroute, don’t hang around for me in East Village.


I’m not going to make it this morning. Have a good one


Enjoyed the ride today Chris / @SeaAyeRobson — thanks a lot for taking the lead fella!

Well done to new group riders @Whealy and @Jess129 you did great with those climbs, look out for an inclusive pace ride next week, I’m sure between myself, @Anthony1405 and @Deniz74 there will be a ride you can join.

Was cool to catch @aahj @Pastor-Kawesi and @haykelb this morning

@DavidC — how did your ride go?


8/9 of us did a 65km loop at average 29kph, great morning for it!



Departure: 07:00am
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 18mph (28kph)
Distance: 25-30m (40-50k) +HILL REPS

Hi All - I have plans Sunday afternoon so am going to shoot out early and do some quick hill reps on the Church St/Lippetts Hill/Mott St loop if anyone wants to join me just give me a shout

Chris (@SeaAyeRobson)


Hey Hey! @SeaAyeRobson just remember the mott street hill climb competition is on Sunday too, thought that only starts at 10 so you should be okay :smiley: might be busy though since sign in starts at 8:45(?) I think… I would join you, but I’m hoping for a longer ride without tons of climbing :joy: and plan to stop by the mott street climb to watch some suffering before heading out


I’m up for this mate, timing suits me perfectly


Mid-pace ride Sunday 15th October Great Dunmow Loop

The route heads towards Chelmsford via Roxwell before turning north towards Great Dunmow where we’ll stop for some coffee and cake.

Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park, opposite Sainsbury’s
Target Avg. Speed: 17-18 mph (27-29 kph)
Distance: 130k (80 miles)
Route profile: Some small hills at the start, otherwise flat.

Please remember to:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Check your tyre pressures
  • Bring water and fuel (bars, gels)
  • Bring a spare tube, pump and levers/tools.
  • Have a way to get home in case of a serious mechanical (cash/card)
  • GPX map uploaded on your Garmin or Phone (OSM app is good for this)

Anyone joining will need to be comfortable with the distance and pace, fuelling on a longer ride and be prepared to take turns on the front. Early check-out option available!

E20-Great Dunmow (1).gpx (218.7 KB)


I’m for mid pace!


Keen for the mid-pace :smiley:


I have picked up a slight niggle so may need to reduce the Ks tomorrow and do Blackmore instead (around 94k). If anyone wants to lead the Great Dunmow ride though, that’s fine and I’ll do Blackmore instead.

GPX ROUTE: Epping to Blackmore with a loop (1).gpx (157.7 KB)


Anyone got any tips on pumps? Just got some puncture stuff for the accessible ride next week so looking to get a small pump.


I would invest in a CO2 canister system. It’s good for 24 hours and it’s difficult to pump the pressure up to 100 PSI with the portable pumps.


Great ride today everyone! Thanks to @Henry for organising the route :slight_smile:


Good ride today guys. Thank you everyone who came along. Let’s keep an eye on group riding skills and advertised target pace next time…which we just about managed to keep to.