E20CC July 2019: Training, Club and Accessible rides


Hi @woodsy909,

Yes, we will write a post about it the week of the ride.


@MdeBokx @Henry - I am new here - never been a member of a club. I would love to join the accessible ride this Sunday 28th if it is still going ahead? I am meant to be doing Ride London (100 miles) in just under 2 weeks, so need to get a few more miles under the belt!


Hi @KyElk,

Great, the accessible is still planned for this weekend :slight_smile: See you there!



Awesome. I’ll be there! (presumably opposite Sainsbury’s: Victory Park, 50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB).


Yup! I’ll make a post about it in a few days :slight_smile:


I’ll be along tomorrow morning for my second accessible ride. Sorry it’s taken so long to find a date when I wasn’t already committed to running somewhere.



Accessible is happening tomorrow :grin:

We will meet at the sainsburies around 8:15am with the intent to set off around 8:30am.
Henry and I will lead and as usual will go towards the acorn hut in high beach. (the hut doesn’t accept card so please make sure you have cash incase you’d like to have a coffee/tea or snack!)

Please make sure you are wearing a helmet and dress appropriate to the weather. Even though it might be clouded over make sure you are bringing enough water and snacks with you as it is still hot, humid and you will need energy!

We plan to do a few hill climbs at high beach and make our way back to the east village after.

Look forward to riding with you all! :grin:


Likewise! See you guys tomorrow. :laughing:


Potentially keen on joining tomorrow!


Great to meet everyone this morning. Despite the rain, I really enjoyed it. Hoping to ride my 2nd accessible ride in early September (out of London for the August rides). See you then!


I enjoyed today’s ride and have (finally) joined E20CC via the club’s British Cycling page.


Awesome! Sorry the ride was a little shorter as usual, we weren’t exactly lucky with the weather compared to the previous few days! Hopefully next time it’ll be a bit warmer :smiley:


Me too :wink:


Hello, Are the accessible rides taking place in August, specifically is there one this Sunday?


Hi guys and @grish

Unfortunately due to the high winds there will be no accessible ride this Sunday 11th AuGUST.



Any one willing to brave the winds for a club ride tomorrow instead?


Thanks Henry, is this the best place to check for the next accessible ride?


Hi @grish,

Here is the new topic for the August rides:
[E20CC August 2019: Training, Club and Accessible rides]


Thank you.

The 4th Sunday is scheduled as the bank holiday weekend. Would rides be happening this weekend?


No worries :slight_smile:

We will have to see as Henry and I are both away that weekend so it depends on whether anyone else from the club is available.