E20CC January 2019: Training, Club and Accessible rides


E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local road cyclists.

We welcome new cyclists to E20cc on our Accessible Rides, held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month unless otherwise advertised.
Rides on other weeks are closed to members only.

Membership information: https://yonder.e20.org/t/want-to-join-e20-cycling-club/4212/37
E20cc members group: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20cc-members
(Please request access to this thread once membership fee has been paid)
Historical monthly threads here: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20-cycle-club

Important notes for Accessible Rides:

  • 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
  • Meet at 08.15 for ride briefing. 08.30 departure
  • RSVP compulsory - if you would like to attend an accessible ride, RSVP below to secure your place.
  • Av. speed 13mph (21kph) no one left behind
  • Helmet is required
  • Tyres pumped & bring spare tube etc
  • Have breakfast, take water bottle & snack
  • Travel light: Don’t bring a backpack, remove panniers and locks
  • For more information on E20cc and on joining as a member, please visit www.e20cc.org

Important notes for Club Rides:

Multiple Club Rides can go ahead on any given Sunday. Members should feel free to post a ride and route at a pace they would like to do, with others joining that ride if interested. There is less emphasis on ride leading on Club Rides as all riders are responsible for themselves and should be familiar with group rides.


Sunday 06.01.19

Training Ride:
Ride Leaders:

Club Ride 1:
Ride Leaders:

Sunday 13.01.19

Training Ride:
Ride Leaders:

Club Ride 1:
Ride Leaders:
Avg. Pace :
Distance :
Setting off :
Saddle time :
Drop? :

Accessible Ride:
Ride Leaders:

Sunday 20.01.19

Accessible Ride
**Accessible Ride: **
Ride leaders :
Avg. Pace :
Distance :
Setting off :
Saddle time :
Drop? :

Club Ride 1
**Club ride: **
Ride leaders :
Date :
Avg. Pace :
Distance :
Setting off :
Saddle time :
Drop? :

Sunday 27.01.19

Training Ride:
Ride Leaders:

Club Ride 1
Ride Leaders:

Accessible Ride:
Ride Leaders:


Victory Park, 50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB (opposite Sainsburys)
Sundays please arrive 08:15 for 08:30 depart (Unless advised otherwise)

<img src=“https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/streetview?size=690x400&location=51.5469296,-0.0082501&pano=NKPXPdb6yvaEbONBUf1_Ew&fov=75&heading=255.59&pitch=7.669&sensor=false” width=“690” height=“400”>

British Cycling ‘How to ride in a group’

How To Ride In A Group | Ridesmart

British Cycling ‘How to ride in a group’ links & articles


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Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a brilliant new year and is looking forward to getting back on the bike this January.

Just a quick note to say all club memberships have to be renewed at the start of this year.
Existing members can go to British cycling and renew here: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership
Members who want to join this year should read this thread: https://yonder.e20.org/t/want-to-join-e20-cycling-club

If you have never ridden with us before don’t worry. We allow two rides without membership so you can see whether we are the club for you :slight_smile:

Look forward to riding with you all in 2019! Happy new year :partying_face:


Anyone heading out tomorrow?


Too much partying into the new year for me sorry! If you went out for a new years ride I hope it was good :smile:


Hehe, well done! I didn’t get out in the end either. Slightly fuzzy head!


I’d like to join you for the accessible ride on Sunday 13th.


Awesome! See you there :smiley:


Hi, I’m Ali. I’m also planning on coming along on Sunday 13th for the accessible ride to check it out.


Great! I will post the route and info closer to the date :smiley: Look forward to meeting everyone!


Accessible Ride: High beach
Ride leaders : @MdeBokx and @Henry
Date : 13.01.19
Avg. Pace : 23kph ish
Distance : Around 50km
Setting off : Usual spot across from Sainsbury’s in Victory Park at 08:30
Saddle time : 2-3 hours
Drop? : No drop, No body is left behind but make sure you are comfortable with the pace and distance above.

We will head out to the Acorn hut at High Beach and then do a few hill climbs, i.e. Mott Street.

For everyone riding please make sure you are wearing the correct kit, it is COLD! So gloves, overshoes, thermals, caps and anything else you might need to keep warm. Make sure you take water and some snacks/gels with you. We will be stopping by the Tea hut which sells hot drinks and cakes but make sure you take cash as they don’t accept card.

If you haven’t already let us know if you are planning on joining the ride :slight_smile: See you all out there!


Good turn out today folks. Pleasure riding with everyone


Thanks, I enjoyed today’s ride and I’ll definitely be back for a second accessible ride the next time I’m free on the 2nd or 4th Sunday.

Would you mind if I used your pic for Strava/FB?


Really enjoyed this Sundays ride guys! Hope to see you all next time :smiley: