E20CC April 2019: Training, Club and Accessible rides


Thanks for organising and thank you all for sticking with us at the back! Was a really good intro for me.

Keen to join the next ride (although I might not be able to for the next few).


@Jonnym great! I’m glad you liked it :smile:


I would also like to thank you for the ride last Sunday, I really enjoyed it. I am hoping to join you on the 28th if there will be the next accessible ride.


@Matus Awesome! See you there :slight_smile:


@Joe744 Great, we will post the ride in a few days :+1:


I think I will drop down to visit my e20 folks this coming Sunday :))


Hi, would it be okay for me to join this Sunday’s accessible ride? I have done one with the club before, two years ago, but I only had a hybrid at the time. I said I’d join again once I’d bought myself a road bike. Well I’ve finally grown some balls, taken the plunge & am now the happy owner of a new machine. I also have places to do the Ring of Kerry cycle in July (108 miles) and the Ride 100 in August, but with very little distance riding experience, I’m keen to get some training rides under my belt to build up some mileage & think the group would be a good place to start.
In addition I met a lady at another cycling event who doesn’t live in East Village but is keen to try the club. I said I would ask on her behalf if she could also join the ride. Her name is Shuhena.
I would be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts about our attendance.
Kindest regards,
PS: Neither of us uses cleats yet.


Hi guys. I’m keen to join the accessible ride tomorrow if that’s OK? Thanks!


@rkealy and @bk1 Of course everyone is welcome to join us tomorrow, but please make sure you are comfortable riding in a group and read the info down below.


Accessible Ride to High beach
Date : 28.04.19
Ride Leaders : @Henry and @MdeBokx
Avg. Pace : 21-23kph
Distance : Around 50km
Setting off : Usual spot across from Sainsbury’s in Victory Park at 08:30 - please arrive a bit before
Saddle time : 2- 3 hours
Drop? : No drop (nobody left behind) - but make sure you are comfortable with the pace and distance above.

Hello everyone, this Sunday we will be riding out to the High Beach Acorn Hut like usual in Epping Forest. This is a no drop ride but please make sure you are comfortable riding a road bike, going at faster speeds downhill and able to do some climbing.

The weather is looking a bit grey and there might be some strong gusts of wind so make sure you are comfortable riding in a group/ next to other riders.

Remember to give your road bike a good check over in advance particularly if you haven’t been out on it for a while - tires pumped, breaks working etc - and to bring spare inner tubes and tools in case of punctures. Please don’t bring rucksacks, locks or unnecessary weight though helmets are required.

The Acorn hut sells hot beverages and snacks but only take cash so please make sure you have enough on you in case you’d like some treats! Otherwise make sure you bring enough water and food to fuel the ride.

Looking forward to meet you all! :smiley: see you tomorrow.


Great, thanks very much. If it comes to it, I know the route out and back to high beech so should be fine. Best wishes, Roseann.



Thanks for the pictures and cheers to all of the group for being so friendly, accommodating, patient, encouraging & full of good advice. Much appreciated, Roseann.


Ditto that - thanks everyone for being so welcoming. It was great to meet you all - hope to see you at the next one!



Hi there, I have recently found out about this club and am really keen to try out one of the accessible rides. Are they going ahead as normal on the 2nd and 4th Sundays during the summer months?




Hi @triona.obrien23,

Awesome, the rides will go out as normal, hope to see you there!




What time will the accessible ride go out on this Sunday, I’d like to join.




Hi @Robclifton9,

Our rides go out around 8:30am but riders usually try to turn up around 8:15am.
The rides for this month will be posted here:



Ok great thanks, I’ll post on that thread if coming.


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