E20CC April 2019: Training, Club and Accessible rides


E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local road cyclists.

We welcome new cyclists to E20cc on our Accessible Rides, held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month unless otherwise advertised.
Rides on other weeks are closed to members only.

Membership information: https://yonder.e20.org/t/want-to-join-e20-cycling-club/4212/37
E20cc members group: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20cc-members
(Please request access to this thread once membership fee has been paid)
Historical monthly threads here: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20-cycle-club

Important notes for Accessible Rides:

  • 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
  • Meet at 08.15 for ride briefing. 08.30 departure
  • RSVP compulsory - if you would like to attend an accessible ride, RSVP below to secure your place.
  • Av. speed 13mph (21kph) no one left behind
  • Helmet is required
  • Tyres pumped & bring spare tube etc
  • Have breakfast, take water bottle & snack
  • Travel light: Don’t bring a backpack, remove panniers and locks
  • For more information on E20cc and on joining as a member, please visit www.e20cc.org

Important notes for Club Rides:

Multiple Club Rides can go ahead on any given Sunday. Members should feel free to post a ride and route at a pace they would like to do, with others joining that ride if interested. There is less emphasis on ride leading on Club Rides as all riders are responsible for themselves and should be familiar with group rides.

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Keen to join the accessible ride on the 14th if my wrist has healed up by then.


Great! Hopefully it heals quickly :slight_smile:


I may come along on Saturday 28th for my 2nd accessible ride, then head into London to watch VMLM.


Awesome! See you there :smiley:


Hi, keen to join accessible ride on 14th. Karen.


Awesome! See you there @karenf


Hi all! I’d like to join the accessible ride on the 14th…weather permitting :crossed_fingers:


Looks pretty decent! :smiley:


Hi I would like to join you on the 14th for the accessible ride.


Great! Looks like this is going to be a good group, @Matus, @Elina and @karenf.
Here is the official ride post just to include some more details:

Accessible Ride to High beach
Date : 14.04.19
Ride Leaders : @Henry, @MdeBokx and possibly @Sjh
Avg. Pace : 21-23kph
Distance : Around 50km
Setting off : Usual spot across from Sainsbury’s in Victory Park at 08:30 - please arrive a bit before
Saddle time : 2- 3 hours
Drop? : No drop (nobody left behind) - but make sure you are comfortable with the pace and distance above.

Hi everyone, this Sunday we will be riding out to the High Beach Acorn Hut in Epping Forest for our fortnightly accessible ride. This is a NO DROP ride so we’ll all stay together for the ride out and back taking it at a casual speed but please make sure you are broadly comfortable with the distance and average pace above.

Remember to give your road bike a good check over in advance particularly if you haven’t been out on it for a while - tires pumped, breaks working etc - and to bring enough water and snacks to fuel your ride and a couple of spare inner tubes in case of punctures. Please don’t bring rucksacks, locks or unnecessary weight, though helmets are required . The Acorn tea hut sells snacks and drinks but only takes cash.

The weather looks dry but chilly so make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing, such as base layers, gloves etc.

See you all there!


Hi Marinthe, would also be keen to join too, I think my wrist has healed up so should be comfortable to ride, so hopefully I’m about 90% :slight_smile:

Just a quick question, will we be stopping for a short break at Acorn or will it be straight in and out?


Sweet @Jonnym ! That’s good news :smiley: We will have a break at the tea hut.


Hi Marinthe

I’d like to join you too this Sunday, this will be my second accessible ride. Looking forward to the ride!



Great @Mags , see you there!


Hi! I just moved to the area and would like to join the accessible ride tomorrow.


Great! See you at 8:30 :grin:


Great ride today, link to Instagram pictures below


Really awesome ride yesterday and kudos to everyone for doing Mott street/Avey lane! So cool to see so many new faces joining us :smile::raised_hands:

Here is the link to the bike fitter I was talking about: https://foundation.fit.

And for those who have done two rides with E20CC before it’s time to sign up as proper members if you haven’t already - Want to join E20 Cycling Club? You even get one of our trendy new caps a few of us were wearing yesterday!