E20 Runners


Calling all E20 Runners

Hello E20 Runners - if you interested, we have a squad called E20 Runners for this Sunday’s Nike event London’s Fastest Night (so far in the squad: @frankdasilva @Gigi Annette Scholz and Victor Sevilla). There’s only one spot left in the E20 squad and you will get a free Nike t-shirt customised with the squad name (E20 Runners) - I already have a t-shirt with me (men size M) to give away but you need to reserve your spot if you interested in the Nike website and you can collect the t-shirt with me anytime in East Village.

For full details, please visit this link: https://www.nike.com/events-registration/event?id=85182

The event is also FREE (apparently 800+ runners will be taking part) - meeting point will be Tate Modern in the Bankside at 7PM on Sunday 13th Aug.

Below is the E20 Runners t-shirt. If you interested, please visit the Nike website, sign up and look for the E20 Runners in the list and enter the password ‘RunE20Run’.

Note - Because there’s only one spot left for the E20 Runners squad (5 runners is needed for each squad) and in case you miss it, you can also create your own squad.