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Chilly sunday stroll


Great photos @Oat44 - it is funny, this past Saturday I was also out and I went to the exactly the same places you did. I was doing the Healthy Heritage Walking Tour and we passed by the spots from where you took your photos.

19 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Healthy Heritage Walking Tours, QEOP, London| #ThenAndNow The site of the #FridgeMountain -  today…”

Then And Now - the site of the "Fridge Mountain" - today the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park // Take a look how a former no-go area of London’s East End has been transformed beyond all recognition.


What a coincidence!

The location of fridge mountain seems to be a bit of a mystery. There’s a bench between the stadium and Viewtube claiming to be the site, which I’m beginning not to believe. From an old satellite image it would appear that the original site is where Olympicopolis is going to be:

I have to admit, I think you are actually standing where the mountain used to be, but the picture you are holding was taken on the opposite bank of the river looking back to where you are. Looking at the shadows in the one you are holding, the north east facing bank in your photograph would be unlikely to catch the sun. I could be wrong…


Hi Nick @Oat44 - yes, I also saw that Satellite photo the other day. I think the correct spot of the ‘fridge mountain’ is like in my photo, the opposite side of the Olympicopolis in between the canal and the Olympic Stadium. On the Olympicopolis site used to be an old paint manufacturer called Bergers founded in 1934 that was there until the mid 80’s. Where the London Aquatics Centre is was Jenson & Nicholson, another paint manufacturing company that moved to Stratford in 1874. Yardleys, famous for making soaps and perfumes founded in 1770 stood where the Olympic Stadium is today. Lots of interesting stuff… apparently there are lots of other cool facts about factories, prison camps, etc during WW2.


It really is interesting how many different things have been made on the site over time. This 1948 map gives a few details of what was there at the time, long before the fridge mountain. While this one gives an idea of the scale of the railway works where East Village is now and this shows where Westfield and the town centre now are.


Incredible maps @Ben I love digging the past :slight_smile:


Love old maps too. On Google Earth there’s a way to drag the image date back in time. The earliest is the post war aerial survey of 1945:


Didn’t know you could do that @Oat44 - thats so good… How many stages?


Yes, pure ‘time travel’ — Google Earth is very useful @Oat44 @Lee
By the way, you probably know, but Google Earth Pro is now FREE for both PC and Mac - http://www.google.co.uk/earth/download/gep/agree.html


I need to find the low level picture of what is now East Village from when it was all train things. It’s in the Newham Archives but it took ages to find last time.

Like all of you I’m fascinated verging on obsessed in my case with past/present/future. I found a brilliant picture yesterday of where I lived as a kid when it was actually the farm the estate was once known by and I’ve been looking at that local history since the early 80s.

Google earth for round here is great fun showing pre start of the Olympics (unless it’s been updated recently) where you can see guys in high vis on tea breaks by the cafe van on N05 for example.


Note - For the Historical Imagery in Google Earth you need to download a plug-in: http://www.google.co.uk/earth/explore/showcase/historical.html

Check this out, I added a 1945 layer showing where East Village is today:


Nick @Oat44 - you absolutely right, I did a bit of research and indeed, the original site of the Fridge Mountain is where Olympicopolis site is going to be, check this out (NOTE: the earliest layer I could add goes back to 1999):


Nicely done, how many shots are there between 1999 and now? Enough to make an animation?


There’s the one in 1945, big gap til 1999 then about 10 or so since then, of varying quality. Oddly the default one for the area is 2012 even though there’s one from July 2013.


Hi @Lee unfortunately the shots available are not enough for an animation. After the 1999 layer showing the 'fridge mountain, if I am right, the next layers shows 2001, 2002, 2003 and from the 2005 layer the fridges are no longer there.


Hi guys, if you love photography and Instagram, a quick reminder, the next @London World-Wide Instameet 11 will be this Saturday 21st March.

39.4k Likes, 221 Comments - @LONDON (@london) on Instagram: “Hey everyone. This is #TheScoop. It


This is #TheScoop. It’s our meet point for Saturday’s #WWIM11_London big day out, starting 10am sharp.

(The man in this shot is @thebowlerman aka @byrnephotography, the talented man behind the innovative new feed. Together with @radical_edge_photo & @bengreenphotography, Sean will be leading a creative stream called “Landmarks & Lightroom”.)

Here further details provided by the organisers:

Dear Londongramers, guys and girls,

Saturday is going to be incredible! If you haven’t decided to come yet, see if you can try and make it along! It’s goig to be our best meetup yet.

If you haven’t caught up with what’s happening, here are the punch lines:

10.00 Registrstion at The Scoop, City Hall
10.30 Travel to creative streams
11.00-13.00 Creative Stream Session 1
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Creative Stream Session 2
16.00 Tracel back to base
16.30-19.30 Dinner / Social / Six Nations Rugby
19.30-22.00 Night Shoot all together

All creative streams are being run twice. So if you miss the morning session, sign up for the afternoon. Everyone will get the chance to do 2 streams.

Creative Streams

Shoreditch Street Art & Graffiti Tour with Insider London
(With @mumhad1ofthose & @mervinkaye)
Get a 2 hour tour of Shoreditch and discover the street art and graffiti within the area. Insider London know the artists and works and will literally open your mind to he creativity and pieces of street art that you’ve not seen or noticed, and blow your mind. Having done this ourselves, we highly recommend. They are amazing guys!

Landmarks and Lightroom (MAX 40 per session)
(With @byrnephotography / @thebowlerman , @radical_edge_photo & @bengreenphotography)
VisitLondon.com have kindly given us use of their board room in More London. On the 6th floor it has incredible views of some major London landmarks. Notmally this space is available for hire but they’ve opened it just for us, so it’s an incredible opportunity. Sean Byrne will lead the session, the man behind the new and popular feed @thebowlerman. Take photos from this privileged vantage point and then learn how to edit and create images like Sean using Lightroom.

Fashion Shoot @ Somerset House (MAX 50 per session)
(With @shannon__ashton , @geminatrix & @peppyhere)
So excited about this opportunity at the home of London Fashion Week. We have teamed up with @clairenicolebeauty and @alixwaterhouse) to stage a fashion shoot for you. Real models, makeup, and clothes from british designers. Learn to work with natural light and have your own chance to shoot in the iconic courtyard of Somerset House.

Iconic London
(With @stevebrightphotography & @chrisjphotography)
Arguably two of our biggest talents, follow them on a walking tour of some of our most iconic city landmarks. If you’ve not attended a photo walk before, this is the place to be. They have a great route planned and there’s nothing photographicslly that you can’t kearn from these masters.

Killing The Underground
(With @tobishinobi & @icreatelife_)
Over the years, capturing the London underground innovatively has been something that the Instagramers have pioneered. Visit great stations and locations on the underground, tunnels, spaces, and take innovative shots and create creative moments with these huge talents.

So lots to do and if you combine these streams with our social and night shoot all together, there is no excuse for not coming out to play! Ha!

We’ve deliberately created multiple streams so that people don’t get lost in the crowd. Hopefully you will find the day inspiring and please thank those that have gone to a lot of effort to put the schedule together.

Please please be at The Scoop 10am sharp to avoid disappointment. You will need to get your names down fast because some of these streams are capped.

Hashtag for the day will be #WWIM11_London. See you Saturday!




Hi guys, here some photos I posted on my Instagram feed - all photos taken during the WWIM11 London meetup this past Saturday.

Amazing turn out - about 400+ Instagrammers. We had a Lightroom Session at the Visit London Official offices, a Street Art photowalk, London Landmarks photowalk and a London Underground photowalk.

28.5k Likes, 104 Comments - @LONDON (@london) on Instagram: “Stunning turn out for #WWIM11_London! Over 400 Instagramers took #London by storm today and had an…”

Photo by @traceyburfield

Shoreditch Street Art Tour - event organised by @london

58 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Street Art London| #Shoreditch #artscene #streetart // #thisislondon #WWIM11_London @london…”

Art by Nick Flatt

58 Likes, 4 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Street Art Tour, Shoreditch, London| #Shoreditch #artscene // Many thanks to @mumhad1ofthose //…”

Many thanks to @mumhad1ofthose // The Barack Obama Hope Poster is an image of Barack Obama designed by artist Frank Shepard Fairey // The background street art is by the same artist Frank Shepard Fairey.

43 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| #streetart #Shoreditch @london #artscene #graffiti // #thisislondon…”
79 Likes, 8 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| #streetart #Shoreditch @london #artscene #graffiti // #thisislondon…”

Great photo of @Gigi by Des Curran | Art by Jim Vision

59 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| Another amazing #streetart #Shoreditch @london #artscene #graffiti //…”
41 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| More photos from yesterday
51 Likes, 4 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| Another photo from yesterday

Art by Six1Six, EndLess and Bicicleta Sem Freio.

52 Likes, 3 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| I took this photo during yesterday

Art by Jim Vision

49 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Shoreditch, London| More photos from yesterday

Somerset House Fashion Shoot session:

18 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Somerset House, London| Model @alex___kelly // #wwim11_london @london @somersethouselondon //…”
26 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Somerset House, London| Models @alex___kelly and @jessicasikosek // #wwim11_london @london…”
72 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|London| The #CityHall and #TheShard // #thisislondon #cityscape #urban #architecture // photo…”

The morning started at The Scoop, just outside the City Hall.

Coming soon: I am organising a East Village and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Photowalk via @ShareEast on the 18th April 2015 - more details will be posted here soon! Keep an eye on this space! Thanks @frankdasilva


Great standard as usual — keep it coming!

Your Photowalk sounds like a great idea @frankdasilva


Great shot showing the re-development work at the Olympic Stadium seen in March 2015 // Photo taken by @mpsasu from Met Police helicopter with thanks! This is a #regram

29 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Olympic Stadium, London| #regram // Great shot of the @london #OlympicStadium seen in March 2015…”


My latest shots around E20 as posted in my Instagram feed:

40 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|The Wetlands, near East Village, London| Amazing #sunset // Have a lovely evening everyone! //…”
35 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, London| Amazing afternoon in #EastVillage @london // #Spring is in the air! //…”
40 Likes, 2 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|London| #thisislondon #QueenElizabethOlympicPark // In the background the #LondonAquaticsCentre…”
33 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Stratford ONE, London| is the first Olympic Legacy site to be completed. The 28 storey building,…”
42 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|The Wetlands, QEOP, London| #thisislondon #QueenElizabethOlympicPark // #Spring is in the air //…”