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I love photography and since I moved to East Village I’ve been meeting lots of other photo enthusiasts. I am starting this thread for our photos, Instagram posts, photo tips, camera gear, photo-walks, Instagram-meetups, etc…

By the way, my Instagram handle is @frankdasilva (same handle ID I use for Yonder/Twitter, etc…) http://instagram.com/frankdasilva

I took this photo with my HTC One mobile phone this morning.

A similar shot, but in the Autumn.

Both photos, was taken from our flat in Vesta House.


Awesome idea Frank! I am a big enthusiast too but you’ve made me realise I have hardly any photos of the village.

Here’s the Vesta House atrium, a gratuitous silhouette from the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit, and a couple from QEOP.

Oh, and my Instagram handle is @donotrefreeze : )


Nice idea!

I don’t use instagram for anything other than personal photos but I’m a photographer and here’s my blog.

I mainly do corporate event work/photos for print for my job, but I love doing portraits like this and this.


Spot on Frank! @frankdasilva these shots from Vesta are great, I think someone should start a timelapse for the N08 build over the next couple of years… it would document the beginning of phase 2 in East Village.

Love the shots @leanne1 — Could agree more it’s shameful how I’ve stopped taking so many shots lately! These are the transition year and really important to document. Love the folio @Lizzie , some beautiful portraits :raised_hands:

My Instagram is @ejecthttp://instagram.com/eject (Although I’ve been rubbish over the last few months)

Also forgot about this Flickr ‘Group’ setup early last year for ‘E20 London’ : https://www.flickr.com/groups/e20

Anymore photographers in and around the park?


I’m a point and shooter on my lovely old Nikon (the one I still don’t know how to use properly) and I do iPhone too. So be warned I have a laptop full of images I started taking in June and of course there are loads of Vesta - under/on/by the roof just for starters! I just can’t post much from my phone right now. So watch this space. If this worked it’s sunrise from Vesta.


Yes, I love the amazing sunsets I get from Vesta House… I am building a collection of photos that one day I want to turn into a time lapse.

Here the latest via my Instagram feed:

13 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, London E20 - Sunset Series| Another awesome #sunset #MyE20Photo @getlivingldn…”
11 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, Sunset Series, London| #thisislondon @london #sunset #cityscape #urban #photography…”

Nice to see you both here @leanne1 and @Lizzie great photos!

@Lee I love the panoramic photos in the E20 Flickr feed! I also have some idea to produce a nice time lapse/progress of the N08 works… I can’t wait to get a GoPro and some bit of kit… we must talk and make a plan :slight_smile: – From our flat in Vesta I also get a nice view of the works going on for the up coming Manhattan Loft Gardens… I am already ‘picturing’ in my head that building going up… exciting times ahead!


Hey @frankdasilva
I added 6 pics onto the E20 Flickr group earlier… My Flickr account is Lilmizmc


Great idea @frankdasilva
I also have a few from around the park and East Village on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=qeop&user_id=80517201%40N00&sort=date-posted-desc


I am not a photographer, but if anyone is interested my Instagram handle is @dhaunae (same for Twitter).


Hi guys, here another panoramic - taken from our balcony on the 8th floor in Vesta House showing Liberty Bridge Road on the left, Victory Park on the right and all the rest in between — I am wondering how it will look like in 5 years from now!


East Village - view from inside of Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health And Wellbeing Centre:

8 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, London E20| #cityscape #citylife #urban #photography #thisislondon @london //…”

View from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park:

14 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20| Another interesting angle showing the #EastVillage in…”


I would love to organise an exhibition of photography taken in the area, by residents… There’s so many good photos on this stream alone… Is this something you’d all be interested in?


Hi @Jane_Dough — great idea! An exhibition of photography taken in the area by residents will be awesome! Count me in!


The sunset was so awesome this evening… here my latest photos — all taken with my mobile phone (HTC One), edited with SnapSeed and Instagram:

24 Likes, 5 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|Copper Box, QEOP, London| Amazing #sunset // #QueenElizabethOlympicPark #CopperBox #getlivingldn…” 28 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|London E20| @amorbit and the #OlympicStadium // #getlivingldn #thisislondon #cityscape #urban…” 35 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, London E20| @london #EastVillage #E20 // #getlivingldn #thisislondon #cityscape…” 30 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, London E20| More #EastVillage awesome #architecture // #getlivingldn #thisislondon…” 29 Likes, 5 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|East Village, London E20| #winter vibe // #sunset #EastVillage #queenelizabetholympicpark…”


Yes @Jane_Dough I’ve got a few good uns even if I do say it myself. I should have done this from pooter so you can see stuff!



@frankdasilva @Claire
cool - I will keep an eye out for a venue and see what could be available for this


Hi guys — here a very cool event: London PhotoWalk! Feb 14, 3 PM with the photographer Trey Ratcliff http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2015/01/31/london-photowalk-feb-14-3-pm/ — it is a FREE event so, no need for registration but check the links and further details below.

If you don’t know who Trey Ratcliff is — please check out his portfolio here: http://stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/ - he is an expert in HDR Photography. See also http://www.stuckincustoms.com/trey-ratcliff/

Here more details about the event:

– Facebook Event Page: http://goo.gl/xOSgZk

– Google event page: http://goo.gl/G7jZob

– Hashtag: #TRLondon2015

– Time Start: Saturday, February 14, 3 PM

– Time End: Probably around 6 PM at a pub where we can all buy drinks, hang out, etc. We can keep on taking pictures in the bar! haha :slight_smile:

– Location: South Bank right outside the National Theatre (Google Map – http://goo.gl/DYx7iu and How to get to the National Theatre: http://goo.gl/v1hl5k)

– Route: A slightly different route than last time to be decided by my friend Greg Annandale

– Plan: I’ll say hello to everyone and give everyone some artistic and technical goals for the day. I’ll talk through my camera setup and discuss the whole plan for the evening. Then we’ll all walk around like a huge centipede to find our photographic muses for the day! I’ll stop 5 or so times and we’ll all congeal into a slime-mold at which point I’ll set up for a formal shot and talk about my settings, framings, what I’m trying to communicate with the shot, etc. You are ALWAYS welcome to ask me questions any time… Please don’t hesitate! :slight_smile:

– Grand Prize: 5 Unlimited Shopping Sprees in the new Stuck In Customs store at http://store.stuckincustoms.com/ – Everything in there that is downloadable can be yours! :slight_smile: (About $3,000 in prizes)

– How to Win: Take an interesting photo of a fellow PhotoWalker (or several PhotoWalkers) and then post it to Any Social Media with the #TRLondon2015 hashtag. Be creative and try new things! Get close, get far, get low, get high (hehe), get interesting subject matter in the background, etc. Have fun with it — you can take and post and share as many photos as you like! Of course, all the time we’ll be taking photos of other things too, the amazing buildings, landscapes, bridges, and the like, but only the photos of fellow PhotoWalkers will be for the prize. I know photographers often really enjoy taking “Street Photos” of other people but sometimes can be a bit shy or afraid to ask. Well not here, you all have permission…it’s open season! :slight_smile:

– How I choose the 5 winners: I’ll scan all social media about a week after the event for that #TRLondon2015 tag and choose 5 of the photos that I think are the most interesting!

– How I choose the one winner for the Grand Grand Prize (The DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter): I’ll look for the same hashtags on Instagram, FB, everywhere (just like above), and I’ll choose the image that SURPRISES me most! So, a bit tricky there, yes? What will surprise me? I don’t know — that is the very nature of surprises. But I know for sure that one of you will really surprise me with a photo I did not expect… it’s really anyone’s game. And, often times, it is total beginners that surprise me with something I would have never considered… it can be a mobile phone shot, or, well anything!

More photos by Trey Ratcliff:


Another amazing sunset showing the Velodrome. The planes in the sky gives a ‘space’ vibe to the photo… it is almost like shooting stars. I am wondering how cool this photo would be with a long exposure settings — I think this is a cool angle for a long exposure astro-photography. The photo was taken with my HTC One mobile phone near the Chobham Manor development site close to the BMX track.

12 Likes, 1 Comments - Frank Da Silva (@frankdasilva) on Instagram: “|London Velodrome| Amazing #sunset #nocrop version of the same photo posted earlier //…”


It was a very nice sunset last night. Here’s the view a little later, and some way to the left


Some trees and things.