E20 Parking



My partner and I are looking for a parking space within the Olympic Village, preferably something near Napa Close. Does anyone know someone who is willing to rent out their space or even how to go about trying to get an allcoated space? (Apart from the waiting list which trialothon homes say that have).


Our block (N02) is always 75% empty but I’ve heard that Triathlon has a waiting list. I think GLL residents generally don’t have cars due to the demographics of renting. So GLL are just sat on loads of unused ones, which is ridiculous, but there you go. When we got a space from GLL there was no waiting list. Though maybe our block just lacks car owners in general.

So officially they’re not transferable but maybe try asking around your neighbours for any GLL residents and see if they would be willing to help.


We got a parking space under the building between Napa and Sunrise Close about a month ago. We were told there was a waiting list but ended up getting a space in a week.

Speak to Triathlon who sort it out with GLL.

It’s not as bad as we were told!