E20 Cleaning Co


Hi Everyone,

E20 Cleaning Co. is now up and running, please visit our website www.e20cleaningco.co.uk for more details.

Thank you :grin:

E20 Cleaning Co.-2.pdf (1.3 MB)


Hi! Wondered what your charges are? And whether you’re planning to hold keys for flats? (Couldn’t see that info on the site)


Hi @southwark99 would you be able to send an email to e20cleaningco@hotmail.com and I can send you over all the details. Thank you :slight_smile:


Better put them on the website.
Plus some more details, maybe?
Not much there…


Hi @falco thank you for the feedback, we will be adding the price list to the site. :blush:


I’ll keep an eye on the site. (An address for your office / details of who you are would be good too - just need to know who we might potentially be trusting our keys to! thanks)


Thank you @southwark99 your feedback is appreciated :blush:


Just a little note to say thank you to everyone for your enquiries, comments and custom so far, it’s been a pleasure meeting you! looking forward to many more!


Hi All,

We have Sunday afternoon slots available. Please visit e20cleaningco.co.uk to secure a booking.

Have a great afternoon!