Does anyone know dishwasher dimensions?


Hi all, does anyone know the dishwasher dimensions that would fit under counter next to the sink? @TriathlonHomes or @GetLivingLondon


Hi @Suzence , I’ve just checked my Bosch product registration page and got the dimensions of my dishwasher - hope this helps!


Hi @Nik yes it does, great thanks a million!


Hi @NiK , Would you be able to post a pic of how this is installed in your flat?

I am returning a second bosch dishwasher as the installation is not possible due to the worktop edge not being suitable.

I am ordering another one now, so would be good to see how it fits on the top? Would you know if its secured from the top or the sides of the units?

The installation guys tried both sides and top and none worked! I don’t want to be buying a free standing as it will not look good.

Many thanks,