Has anyone registered with a dentist since moving here? Any recommendations?

Dentist in East Village
Dentist in East Village

Nope as apart from an iffy looking one no NHS available anywhere nearby, only private. I still go to one in Bethnal Green a year after moving here and pay non NHS as haven’t found a better option.

Don’t get excited about the facilities at the health centre. Last I heard was it was a one off visits to student dentists so not even worth it being there in my opinion (I’ve said this before.)

And people wonder why some people have crap teeth - can’t find a dentist!

If anyone has any better ideas and I can get NHS prices like I used to then please tell me the secret!


Based on one visit so far, E8 Dental Care on Mare Street seem alright. (No website or anything but on the NHS site)

Trawled through a whole bunch of reviews and websites looking for NHS not too far away

Saw GLL mention Dentist in EV as part of their marketing recently…


@Fiona_Tate I am loyal to my dentist Laura at William Place Dental Practice in E3. Just behind Roman Road, Bow. I have been going there for a few years since they launched in around 09/10. Highly recommended.


During the Olympics there was a large dental practice in the Polyclinic (now the liberty bridge road medical centre). I don’t know how much of the equipment was kept and how much was sent to other practices but they certainly have the space and all the necessary utilities. Presumably just waiting for the local PCT (or whatever they’re called now) to put the contract out to tender.


Hi everyone. There is a dentist at the Liberty Bridge Health Centre, but they have not quite set up as yet. I called a few days ago and was told they should be up and running in 2 weeks. I have been checking up since February. Will keep asking at the Health Centre, and let you guys know if I hear anything else.


If it is a proper dentist that’s fantastic. However I’ve asked several people in the know about this before and was told by both it’s visit the UCL/Barts (I think) students once and that’s it.The students were due to move into the building a week or two after we went to the opening of the breast screening until which was something like September last year. So not sounding like what we need really.

Depending who from GLL told you this take it with a pinch if salt, our former property manager told us all sorts that haven’t happened (yet).

The only remaining kit in there post Olympics is the X-ray machine (I think that’s what I was told on the tour) everything else was removed or stripped out including the mirrors/flooring from where the gymnasts for example did training. A shame as I believe that is now part of the ‘community area’.


@Fiona_Tate Did you find a dentist? I’m also looking and checking reviews but nothing stands out, would prefer a personal recommendation.


No sorry I havnt actually got round to looking to be honest. I was waiting to see if one dos start at the health centre but that doesn’t seem to have happened.


Hi everybody!
We have been living in East Village for the past 10 months and we never heard about any dentist around. The Liberty Bridge Health Center has a dentist on the 3rd floor but it is associated with a clinic in White Chapel. They have a partnership with a University so you will be looked after by students, so not a proper dentist. Does anyone knows any plan for a dentist in EV? As important as green areas is our oral hygiene, lol. Now seriously, any information?



@Lee Yeah, I’m a bit late - but just to say that Laura, who was also our dentist, has moved to Essex and works there now. And she couldn’t really recommend anybody else down the Roman…


This might be helpful: