December 2017 Club, Training & Accessible Rides


Am I the only person to have RSVPd for tomorrow’s accessible ride at the track?


The accessible ride is the usual ride to high beech with @Guy_Wilkinson unless you decide otherwise and want to come to the track.

It is the club ride scheduled to be a track session

I’m sure you guys can arrange if you want to switch it


I’ll decide a bit later. Others may RSVP today. I’m off to get overshoes and a skullcap. Kris.


The weather for tomorrow is looking dire, 70% chance of rain and 4 deg with an easterly wind.

So I agree let’s meet at the Velopark track at 9.00 and decide from there.


Folks, it’s 08:10 and snowing heavily in E20, I’m going back to bed and will do an indoor roller session later!

I think discretion is the better part of valor this morning!

Good luck to those who persist.



Morning All - I’ll be very surprised if the track is even open this morning but in the interests of everyones safety we have cancelled all E20CC rides scheduled for today. Photo is from my balcony round the corner from the track at 08:15 and the snow didn’t start til after 8am. With heavy flurries forecast for the duration I’m afraid we have no choice.

If anyone has made the trip and struggling to find an open coffee shop - call me - I can put you up for a bit!!


Any plans for tomorrow?


Yes I’m planning to ride, given it will be freezing overnight I suggest starting a bit later at 9:00 and meeting at the VELOPARK and decide if the roads are safe or not or do the road track.


Hi! Have recently got back in to cycling since moving to the area and someone I work with mentioned this club. Is your next Accessible Ride in January? Thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome! The next accessible ride will be on January 14th, so best thing to do is keep an eye out for the January ride thread which will be posted in the new year.