December 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Happy Christmas!
Hope you’re all well, enjoying the day, and suitably overeating and overdrinking!

Anybody making plans to ride tomorrow?


Might have a quick blast on the cross bike but definitely having a lie in

V good ride this morning with Patrick and Anthony. Pretty busy round Regent’s Park


10 in the morning for RP laps

Who is coming?


I’ll be along…


fixing flat but will be there


On my way :+1:


Thanks for today @jools and @aahj — absolute pleasure riding with you both


Anyone going out on New Year’s Day?


I might if the weather is right.


you mean the second annual e20cc new year’s day ride as mentioned above?



My bad, I’m a tech Luddite!


Won’t make News years day ride but following rides it’ll be game on for me


Depends on the time. Could be up for a ride but definitely not getting up ludicrously early for it!


Thanks to various e20cc riders who helped me complete this year’s festive500 - finished today in the fog with a day to spare

Special thanks to Al @aahj who got me through the renowned Xmas Eve Headwind of Doom!


Second Annual E20CC New Year’s Day Ride!

Let’s say 11am for a gentle potter about town - it’s a good chance to wander through streets that are quiet for the day. City and maybe bits of southbank and west end, avoiding the parade route

Who’d like to join? Perfect recovery…


11:00 is the kind of New Year’s Day time I can get on board with. Usual meeting place?


Christmas day ride with Jools and Anthony around Regent’s Park was I good session, after you guys left I ended up doing 21 laps in total before going off to be a bit more through the city then home the long way. Thanks for organising the ride Jools.


Unless it rains I am in …


Me too


Can’t make it this morning, but wishing everyone health and happiness in 2017!