December 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Hopefully be out tomorrow for longer ride :thumbsup:.

Update: I’m definitely in for long ride.


How about Blackmore? The tea rooms there do an absolutely cracking slab of cake.
Very smooth roads round there too…


it’s cold … stopping for a tea is an unnecessary waste of time and energy.


Totally agree @Theqg_QG, which is why I would only have an espresso with my cake…


Will keep it short enough to not really need a coffee stop but I do want to check out the Blackmore route sometime soon

I’ll keep to roads i know well for leading a club ride!


Yeah I’ll be up for a slow one tomorrow - still a bit sore after hitting the deck the other day


Sorry guys I won’t be with you, need to be at a 5 year olds party at 11…gutted as the Blackmore route looks great


I’ve officially overdone it, so won’t be out…


I will be 5 min late


Thanks everyone for a lovely group ride this morning - great to see everyone looking out for each other and keeping the chatty pace (even if I was breathing a bit heavily at points!)

Hope you enjoyed the route


Great ride Jools thanks for that, everyone stuck well to the game plan.

If I don’t see you all beforehand have a great xmas and new year, look forward to getting out again in 2017!


Sorry to miss the ride today, I feel suitably ashamed to miss yet another!

Merry Christmas all! Hope to catch up with some of you for festive hacks!



Thanks @jools for the first half of the ride and @Pastor-Kawesi @SeaAyeRobson for the second half. My knee felt ok overall but what started to make a very sinister sound 10km before hitting home was the free wheel !

Merry Christmas to everyone.


You overused the freewheel by taking it too easy!


I’m sorry I missed the ride too. I had good intentions but was up until 3.30am listening to my neighbours shite music and his friends screaming! :angry:

I think I might be able to get out on Xmas eve (Saturday) morning for a few hours if anyone else is up for it. Short spin up to Epping so I can work up a calorie deficit for christmas day. Anyone else?


Was planning an early longer ride xmas eve to get festive 500 started properly. Weather dependent maybe…


Just recently moved to Stratford & looking to join a cycle group beginning of new year, been told I should request access to the closed group if anyone is able to assist?


You are most welcome @Cotcher — you’ve been added to the E20cc closed group here:


Just wanted to remind the group about the Annual E20CC New Year’s Day Ride

Yes, that is a thing!

Ride around central(ish) London on a very quiet day (as long as we avoid the parade route)


Tuesday 27th ‘Bank Holiday’ - Route: Central London - Regents Park
Ride leaders: @Lee / @jools
Leaving East Village (Victory Park) at 10am at a ‘chatty’ pace over to Regents Park.