December 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Any plans for tomorrow?


@Oliver - welcome! You’ve been added to the closed group


Planning to ride @ToddYatesUK — I’ve picked up a knee niggle, so taking it easy with a high cadence spin to Epping and back.

If I’m not there by 8:30 sharp, I won’t be coming.


I’ll be out, first time I’ve been able to make it for a while. Fine with just Epping and back.


@ToddYatesUK , @Nick_Bell — apologies can’t make it today, I won’t be riding


No clue where we were going on the way back but nice ride this morning.

When the sun peeked out it almost felt warm…at least for a second or two!

Edit: Oh and thanks to @Jonathan_Calderon for nearly killing me while leading us out, you can tell exactly where you branched off on Strava because I stopped breaking all my PRs!


Oh my you are actually right, Lol! Sorry about that @ToddYatesUK, you can put the blame on David too :wink:

As they say though, no pain no gain.


It’s okay, I was secretly thinking about the PRs at the time!


Haha, as we were both on the front I guess it’s only fair that I take the blame too for the pace on the way out!

Glad to hear you got some PBs out of it @ToddYatesUK!


Hello !
If the weather on Sunday is fine, I’d like to test my new knee on the road. I am looking for something extremely easy and flat, like going to Epping and back but without any sprints and hills … would anyone be available in case ?



Hi @Theqg_QG Guido
I was thinking about a slightly longer ride at chatting pace if that works for you. Not all totally flat but easier pace. Got the gears to spin easy on any climbs?


The Bianchi has a 25-11 / 36-52 … beside , I really have to take it easy. Max 30km and without pushing.

I did 16km at the velopark today and I am trying to see how the knee feels, no perfect yet but getting better every day.



I’ll hopefully be out with you gents


Hi All
Do we have confirmed volunteers to lead accessible and maybe faster rides?

As noted above, I’m happy to lead a longer ride at a fairly relaxed pace. Bits and pieces of Essex.

This would be good for anyone wanting to practice group riding, or have been nervous about stepping up to longer and faster rides.

For anyone who has joined me on longer rides recently, I would suggest the average speed will be a bit lower, and I’ll be aiming for the group to stick together (apart from hills and any of my favourite segments…)

If you’d like to join, please let me know here, and make sure you bring snacks and water.



I also hope to be there on Sunday, I like the chatty pace idea @jools — I’m well out of shape

@Theqg_QG@SeaAyeRobson is probably on for Sunday too


Early QPR match on Sunday so definitely not riding.


@jools … do u have a route in mind ? I may be able to do a longer ride than originally thought:)


Epping, Toot Hill, Ongar, Moreton, Toot Hill, back via Grange Hill probably


Distance , pace ?


Few hours