December 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Last month a few E20cc riders gathered to discuss a casual agenda for setting up the club committee, this is to gain more structure towards safety and sharing responsibilites for the future. For more information click here

New thread for December rides below. We are still looking for additional ride support riders/leaders for Sundays.

E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local cyclists. See the dates below for dates and times. Join the conversation, you can also read other older threads here:

We also have a closed group here: < Simply ask to request access.

Road Rides — evenings, weekends and ad-hoc longer rides.
Our regular Sunday morning ride is aimed at meeting people to train with, generally around 25 miles with nobody left behind. Please introduce yourself below if you are planning on coming along. Make sure your tyres are pumped and riders should carry a spare tube. Helmet is recommended, although not compulsory.

Road Rides
Sun 4th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders: @Henry (accessible)

Sun 11th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Sun 18th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Sunday 25th Christmas Day - @jools will be riding anyway. Prob Regent’s Park laps and maybe hot choc on Trafalgar Square

Tuesday 27th ‘Bank Holiday’ - Route: Central London - Regents Park | Ride leaders: @Lee / @jools
Ride leaves East Village at 10am at a ‘chatty’ pace over to Regents Park.

Please discuss interest in this thread and update if you are leading a ride.

Sunday 1st Jan - ‘Annual NYD’ - Route: TBC | Ride leaders: @jools
Monday 2nd Jan ‘Bank Holiday’ - Route: TBC | Ride leaders: TBC

Meeting points:
Sundays: Victory Park - opposite Sainsburys from 8.30am depart.
50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB —

Inclusive leisure rides
From time to time E20cc will announce ad-hoc leisure rides, we recommend looking at local borough groups:
NEWHAM - more info: @stevoline ride co-ordinator.

Want to learn to ride a bike?
Cycle Confident have one primary aim, to empower as many people as possible to take to the roads on their bicycles. They work with Individuals, Businesses, Local Authorities and Activity Groups giving them the tools and training to cycle safely, and with confidence, on and off the road. More info —

November 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides

Just to recap here, accessible ride will be head up to High Beach, hill loop, continue on to Epping Village, Stewards Green hill loop, head back. 30 miles total at 14-15mph (23-24 kph) with no one left behind.


I’ll be with you Henry


Sorry can’t make this weekend @Henry


Once again thanks to @Henry for organising the get-together event yesterday.


Who’s up for rides over festive period? All dates can vary, anyone keen to do try any new routes?

Good to catch up with @chris (Middlesbrough Chris) just this morning. We may arrange a very gentle Sunday afternoon ride to Box Hill, along with @Kebab_Chris and @Dave_Barnes — strictly casual leisure ride.


I am outside the uk from The 21st till the 27th …


Aiming to ride with Henry and Stewart tomorrow

Is anyone planning on leading a faster or longer ride? If so, would be good to flag it here


I’ll be along for normal ride! :smile:




Thank you @jools for looking after me today and sorry to you all for my general arsing about with my new toy. Thanks to @Jonathan_Calderon for fixing the gear issue. Will try to get more miles in and fuel properly next time!
Thanks to @Henry for a great route
See you all next week!


@Sjh pleasure mate.

Was a good ride. Will work on a few things, mainly keeping the group together (ideally the position in the group each person sets off with at the start is the same at the end) and clearer instructions on pace and direction change.



Yep cheers for volunteering Henry. Enjoyed the ride.

I won’t be able to make next Sunday as I am away so my last ride before the Christmas break is likely to be the 18th. That said I am going to try get across to velopark track for night laps over the next couple weeks after work, probably on Tuesday night this coming week.




Festive 500?


That is very tempting.


@jools, as much as I would like to do this, I am off to France on the 28th and not back until the 3rd.

So I’ll have to settle for supporting your bid, and will be happy to cheerlead you for a hundred on Boxing Day and a hundred the day after.

I see you’ve already opted in on Strava, so no backing out…


Message from @PatrickG below (sounds like I missed a good ride @Henry )

I just want to say thanks for the ride on Sunday; I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was a lot more comfortable than the aggressive riding that I am used to. I could cycle like that for miles and miles and think nothing of it.

I very much look forward to the next session on Sunday.

Once again thanks.


Not taking your bike?


Looked into it, but because it is a connecting flight from City, Air France make it quite complicated and expensive to take a box. Shame really.

Changing subject, is anybody at a loss for something to do on Friday morning…?


@Lee glad he enjoyed it! Was just the standard Epping ride with some extra hillage thrown in, some intentionally, some not. Won’t be around for next 2 weekends though.

On another note, seems like the temperature will be a balmy 14 degrees C tomorrow (8/12). Anyone fancy some velopark laps say around 1800?



Can I be given access to the closed group.

I live over in Leytonstone and would be interested in getting involved with the club