Could you be my cycle buddy?


I’ve not cycled since my Mum passed away at the beginning of February. Cycling was one of the things that was helping me deal with the stress of being the main person dealing with her care and all that goes with it. I’m finding it really hard to get back on my bike and had a near meltdown the other day even thinking about putting my gear on.

So, I’ve been looking at doing the 46 mile Ride London for the MSA Trust in memory of my Mum. Signing a registration form is the easy part but obviously I need to start pushing the miles up before I can do a 46 mile ride!

Is there anyone who would be interested in helping me get out on my bike to do the necessary mileage to prepare me for the 46 miles? I’m not looking to do the ride in the fastest time possible - I’m no athlete but I want to get the miles back in my legs with some gentle jaunts and some good company to get me enjoying it again.

Could you by my cycle buddy? :nerd_face: :biking_man:


You can count on me to buddy up and get you back out, I’m planning to get out early the Saturday AM if that works for you? We could take a gentle ride to Greenwich get some brunch and ride back :slight_smile:


Hey Lee

That sounds good :+1:t2:


Let me know a time/place and I’ll aim to be there.


Sorry good point! Lets say 9am at the usual place…

Victory Park, 50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB (opposite Sainsburys)


Thanks for the ride @A_my - enjoyed just pootling about exploring without pressure, just glorious London in the sunshine!

Let’s do it again soon.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel


Nice one guys!!


Glad you guys had fun! @A_my - if you want to do some more low pressure rides, we’re always pretty laid back on our Newham Cyclists rides. Our rides with the WI will be particularly chilled - although they might not help you get ready for the 46!!


Cheers Kerena, It would be good to mirror your Newham Cyclist Ride listings here in Yonder, I certainly want to join a few of them. I was going to suggest Amy and I join the next one, it’s all good saddle time.

I’ll try and help make a thread for you when I get a moment.



Hi Amy, first and foremost I am very sorry to hear about your Mum & the tough time you have had of late. Secondly apologies for not replying to your post sooner. I hope you & Lee had a great trip to Greenwich last weekend and that you are feeling at least a little more confident on your bike.

I haven’t got time for much leisure cycling at present, but I do commute to work & back by bike most days. If by any chance you happen to work in the Barbican/Smithfield area, or somewhere en route (I go via Hackney Wick, Victoria Park, Grove Rd., CS2, Brick Lane, Spitalfields), I would be very happy to ‘buddy’ you in.

Failing that, I am aiming to do some more leisure cycling in June/July, so I will bear you in mind if my friends and I venture out. We sometimes do the E20 Cycle Club route to High Beech, but at a time slightly more conducive to a Sunday lie in. Alternatively, have you tried any of the rides on The EECC - MADE IN THE EAST END:TOUR D’EAST END (SOCIAL RIDE) is a really nice easy-going social ride to start with. Next one is tomorrow morning, but I believe they are monthly. Best of luck with everything. Take care, Roseann.


Hi Roseann, Thanks for your warm reply. It was really nice to read.

I do commute most days (well I have started again in the last week after the Greenwich ride) and tend to go the Q2 route as I work around Grays Inn Road. My usual route goes from Olympic Village > Victoria Park > Well Street Common > London Fields and following the Q2 to Grays Inn Road.

I would have gone out today but the shocking weather put me off and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. I’m hoping to do something tomorrow but really I need to make sure my weekends include at least a 20 mile ride until I do the 46! I only recently found out about the stuff on this thread so I’ve been looking at that to see what I fancy.

I’m really grateful to everyone who has been encouraging and offering to get me out. I will endeavor to take you up on the offers!


You’re welcome Amy. I’m glad you have had a good response to your post. Yonder users are a lovely bunch & always restore my faith in human nature. I’m also glad you’re back commuting. Hope you’re enjoying it.

I woudln’t get too anxious about the Ride46. I did it two years ago, with no training having barely ridden since childhood. I collected my new bike on the Friday before the ride and rode it for the first time on ‘race’ day. Furthermore, being a complete novice to cycle sportifs, I loaded up my bike with a pannier, lock etc. hence carrying a load of extra weight I didn’t need, on an already heavy hybrid. In fact I went to Pave Velo the night before the event to buy a spare inner tube, and Lee couldn’t believe Evans had sold me such a cumbersome model, knowing the distance I’d planned to cycle. Anyway, my point is, even with all those cons I made it round without any bother.

I’m not suggesting you don’t train, but just don’t panic too much or pull out, doubting you can do it, if your schedule doesn’t go to plan. You’ve had enough stress of late without putting any more on yourself. The crowd and adrenaline will see you through on the day, and it is a great event to be part of. Good luck, and like I said if I am doing any leisure rides I’ll keep you in mind. Cheers, Roseann.


Just wanted to drop in and say I haven’t forgotten about the ride offers! I was away last week scattering my Mum’s ashes in Scotland and now have a flipping virus that’s keeping me off the pedals.

I have now officially been given my place on the Ride London 46 and have set up a fundraising page to raise money for my Mum’s charity. If anyone wants to chuck a few pennies my way I’d be grateful but don’t feel obliged!

Once I’m lurgy free I’ll be back out there so if I’m fit at the weekend has anyone got any plans?