Concrete Factory plans for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Dear all,

You remember the plans to build the concrete factories on the Olympic Park… the plans are being resubmitted in July. This time round, they want to do this knowing that Bobby Moore Academy is now open and there are children less than 200 meters from the site. The plans will see 600 HGV’s wizzing past the kids as they go to and from school and they’ll be sat idle waiting for their transports to be loaded up. This is a disaster of epic proportions and we need to stop the threat of these things coming to an area designated for regeneration by rezoning this land to local industrial / residential as it was less than 10 years ago.

Please can you sign the petition and share it as far and wide as you possibly can. It’s really important we get this stopped.

It is also worth noting there is a huge conflict of interest. Peter Hendy, chairman of the LLDC is also the Chairman of Network Rail - the people that own this land. In 2016, under Peter Hendy’s leadership, Network Rail sent a very threatening letter to the LLDC stating that if they did not support the building of a concrete factory on the site, they wouldn’t support the regeneration of the Olympic Park. He should not be anywhere near this area and certainly shouldn’t be part of the LLDC.


@wayneos1980 I already signed the petition. Thanks for sharing!