City Airport Flight Paths - have your say


Hi E20ers,

The government and City Airport is looking at changing the way planes take off and land over City Airport, which will almost certainly affect us and our sleep!

Last year City Airport started something called `concentrated flight paths’, which dramatically increased the number of planes flying over Leyton. That’s basically us here too in E20. When they did this, they said the noise wouldn’t be noticed by residents, but the opposite is true. I’ve definitely noticed an increase in noisy planes waking me up at 6.30am over the last year. There’s a campaign group called HACAN East, and you can read more about it here.

We can have a say in a consultation that’s running till May 25. You don’t need to be a plane or airspace expert, but if it’s something that’s bothering you, you can email to say you’ve noticed an increase in noisy planes. I also pointed out that it’s noisy despite these buildings having some of the best insulation in the country.