Chobham Manor Meeting Point


Pat, I hope you are now working to a resolution with Taylor Wimpey. I am going to meet them next week and discuss my plans for the gap before the new completion date.

Boarderbob, thankfully my mortgage offer is more flexible than I thought - I still need to extend the offer but my broker doesn’t believe this will be a problem or incur a cost.

BTW - it would appear the first Chobham Manor residents are in. I went past yesterday and the side road between Burnell House and Olympic Park Mansions is now open and people have moved in to some of the town houses. Good to see that it’s now a reality for some of our neighbours.


@NIgel, @PGSG, Are there any payments from Taylor Wimpey for late completion? I remember reading something about 6 months or longer but can’t seem to find it now.


Hi Nigel,
Not aware of any late payment details but will have a look at contract although I think with "consumer law " they have 12 months to over run …
It’s a complete pain but we are negotiating our “expenses” and I think they will do the decent thing .
Have a good weekend …


Have you received a letter this week regarding further delay ?


Hi Pat,

Yes, I have received the letter! I was aware there was going
to be some delay, but June is a bit of a shock even though I had heard a

Very, very frustrating and pretty inconvenient. Not least as
I am supposed to be having people stay with me in May and I am currently living
out of a suitcase (everything is in storage). However, I am determined to make
the best of it – I just hope that June is the worst case scenario. Have you
spoken with the sales team yet?

@boarderbob – from memory the contract allows the build completion
date to be delayed by up to 12 months from the initial date issued (I think it is
6 months for the houses).



Hi, thank you for your message. If you could please email your full contact details to:, I can look into this for you. Thanks, Beth.


Hi Nigel, yes let’s hope June is the worst case scenario …


Hi Nigel,
Have you been to view your appartment ?
Am off to Australia for 2 weeks but would be good to speak to you - this is my e mail adress :


Hello Pat
we too have waited far too long to move in Burnell House. We have been to see our apartment but have some concerns, not least how long it will take to complete the communal areas.
Happy to join in discussion


Catherine, send me an e mail so can contact you direct - you’ll see it on message sent to Nigel


Must admit I’m underwhelmed by TW. There’s been a lot of radio silence on their part and the 10 day ‘surprise’ completion window doesn’t match any bank’s ability to do anything at all. The place looks quite nice though, now that it’s here. Full disclosure: I’m an investor, so won’t be living at the property.


Chobham Manor construction work has been progressing quickly recently. Here is a panoramic view I’ve taken today:


Have you now moved into ParkView Mansions? If so, welcome! I’m a fellow resident and if you would like to join the residents group?
we have setup a private closed group to discuss any issues (service charge, snagging etc).
If you’re interested drop me an email


Chobham Manor Residents Association meeting this Tuesday the 25th of July from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at RedYellowBlue. The venue is located in the East Village, 27-30 Victory Parade, near Nappa Close, E20 1EY.

Email: so’


A forum site has been created for Chobham Manor E20 residents.

Please join and contribute.