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Oh, and I created a Facebook group for anybody interested in joining. Hope posting the link is ok.

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Moving in date

Moving into Chobham Manor : should be December 18th but as yet no news . Anyone out there heard

anything …


I would speak with the sales office directly. I walked past at the weekend and they mentioned there may be some delays…


Nothing more than what is posted here from Chobham Manor:
Chobham Manor group

I spoke to the sales office on Sunday and there’s been one completion but no one has actually moved in. Makes sense since everything is still fenced off although there is a road leading into the development from opposite the velodrome.


All will be revealed tomorrow hopefully - we are moving into Burnell House which is the block opposite the velodrome and really looking forward to it even though will be a bit like a building site for a while …


Hi @PGSG - have you heard any more about your move in date? I too am due to move into Burnell House. I was told I would have heard the new date by yesterday - but not yet…


Hi @Nigel - received an apology on Thursday - seems like everyone concerned was still talking …expect to hear tomorrow though -
Nice to meet you !


Hi All,

So with buying off the plan for Chobham Manor I assume everyone has stumped up the 10% deposit and (in most cases) will be getting some percentage from a bank/mortgage provider.

My understanding is that since banks won’t lend on security (ie. the house) that is not built and standing yet you wait until 3-6 months before completion to talk to your bank/mortgage provider. Then you go through the same process as a pre-existing house mortgage.

In practice how have people found this? Are there any traps to watch out for, in particular first-timers going through this process?

The completion notice of 10 days from Taylor Wimpey pretty much means you have to have your mortgage in place and ready to go when you get the signal from Taylor Wimpey. How was TW’s communication in advising of an upcoming completion?

I’m hoping that Burnell House future residents and those of the completed phase 1 buildings will be able to shed some light. Thanks in advance.


Hi Nigel, still no news - if not heard anything today will call them tomorrow …


Hi Pat, great to meet you too. No news - I did phone a couple of times today and it went straight to voicemail - so I suspect I wasn’t the first to call with the same question. Unfortunately I urgently need to know the date. Hopefully tomorrow.


Hi Nigel, we suspected they wouldn’t answer the phone since they didn’t come back with promised response on Thursday - we also need to know the date but have made some contingency plans … We are currently away on holiday for another 10 days but will keep plugging away for a response - will keep in touch with you


Hi Nigel , no response to today’s email … This is becoming very worrying … As from tomorrow eve, we’ll be in one place for the rest of the trip so will be calling them on Thursday, and solicitors.


Hi Pat, I did receive a reply today by email - but no date. Head office have still to make the decision apparently. Very frustrating!


Hi Nigel,
Have just been in touch with TW head office for East London, I explained to the managing director’s PA our increasing concerns - she went off to find the director in charge : Michael o’ Leary, ( I did speak to him back in the early stages of buying )she called me back to say he is currently at the site taking to construction. She confirmed it is going to be late and I am promised a call by him tomorrow morning. I will let you know what the outcome is . Another thing, Catherine Hill who was in charge at Chobham sales office has moved to another TW sales office so it would appear that there is nobody in charge there at the moment …


Hi Pat, That’s a step forward. Thank you very much for letting me know. I was planning on approaching head office too - you have beaten me to it. Please let me know the outcome of your call.


Nigel, he didn’t call but e mailed and apologised for the delay… he hopes to give us a date later today … have you met anyone else who’s moving into Burnell ???
Will keep on the case and let you know what transpires …


Hello Nigel - have just received an e mail from Michael o’ Leary and letters are going out to all of us tomorrow … The delay is going to be 3 months : March 2016 … which is the worst case scenario …After the letter we will be contacted by either Jane or Tina from the sales office …we have not yet responded to the e mail as we need to asses the impact : financially as well as the stress factors …
I look forward to hearing from you


Wow - March! I hadn’t expected that. Have you been given an actual date or does Feb/Mar effectively replace the Nov/Dec window? I need to think on this too. Two immediate concerns: accommodation and the fact that my mortgage offer expires in March - I don’t fancy paying a second arrangement fee. I look forward to the seeing the details in the letter and speaking with CMsales.Thanks again for sharing. And to answer your earlier question - I don’t know anyone else moving to Burnell.


Nigel, letter states "completion date …“moved to March 2016” … Our house is sold but we extended moving out to the year end as a contingency plan… The letter states that they will be in touch to discuss …
Will stay in touch


If you do need to pay again for the arrangement fee it might be worthwhile to try and get TW to agree to pay costs for re-applying for the mortgage.