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This section is a meeting point for future residents of Chobham Manor, E20.

You also have the ability to communicate directly to @ChobhamManor, L&Q and Taylor Wimpey where they aim to respond where possible. Please introduce yourself and share your knowledge.

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Chobham Manor, E20 | Taylor Wimpey & L&Q
Moving in date

Hello my name is Annie and I am hoping to move from East Village to Chobham Manor in September 2016!


Hi Annie! @revanniemct
My name is Toby-Jon and I’m looking forward to moving with my wife into Park View Mansions @ Chobham Manor in 2016 too!

We’re living in a little box in North London right now, but we’re seriously tempted to rent in East Village ASAP! :slight_smile:

Which building / street are you moving to?


Welcome @TobyJon - our very first future Chobham Manor E20 resident on Yonder!


Welcome to you both… I am new here myself! There is a meetup this coming Wednesday in the Neighbourhood Bar if you would like to come along…



Hi there, we are thinking of moving to Chobham Manor and are concerned about the scope and governance of the park charge so wondered if anyone has got any insight? Not against it in principle but do EV/OP residents get anything for this? Must admit it feels like a blank cheque for not much to me, but I am hoping that I am wrong.


@DMandMGM What is the park charge? some sort of levy to pay for the QEOP management? If so, we don’t pay this in East Village, probably as we’re technically outside the park (in Stratford City). We do pay a management fee for East Village Management’s services, which may cover similar things, although for most people this is absorbed into rent, and only some people pay variable service charges.


@DMandMGM Do you mean Community Infrastructure Levies (CIL)? If so, if we pay anything it’s not a direct charge, it’ll be included in the overall rent etc. Or most likely not at all as the properties were obviously built way before both levels of CIL were put into place.

Community Infrastructure Levies


Hello @DMandMGM and welcome to Yonder.

We have spoken to @ChobhamManor and have a Q&A that should hopefully assist with your query.

  1.  I understand the charge will be levied by LLDC, but under what governance, i.e. who regulates LLDC and how is the charge set?

LLDC is a Mayoral Development Corporation set up by the Mayor of London and as such, is answerable to Londoners through the Mayor and the GLA. All residential and commercial units on the Park will be charged this Estate Charge to contribute to the upkeep of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

  1.  Is this treated as a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)?

This is not a CIL payment. CIL has been paid for this development by the developers and the payment will be allocated by the Planning Decisions and Policy Team to support agreed projects which may be beyond the Park boundary. The Estate Charge will be used solely for Park upkeep and maintenance.

  1.  Will the charge be digressive as the more properties contribute?

The Estate Charge levied on Chobham Manor LLP by LLDC is index linked and is not affected by any other neighbourhoods on the Park.

  1.  Will it be index linked?

The Estate charge will be linked with RPI.

  1.  What benefits may accrue to residents (e.g. discounted access to park infrastructure)

Residents will not only live next to some of the best sporting facilities in the world including the London Aquatics Centre, Lee Valley VeloPark, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre and Copper Box Arena but they will also have access to some of the finest urban parkland in the country. In addition, a wide variety of events will be held on the Park throughout the year that residents can take part in.


Thank you, and also to the other respondents. I had seen some responses to similar queries from the sales agents, but am concerned that this money seems to have such ill-defined use. Beyond the park is a very wide remit. The last estimate we had was that it would be 1400 pa.
Any other information gratefully received.


Thanks for the information.
However the last response to ‘what benefits may accrue to residents’, it looks like there are none which are not available to people who aren’t paying the park fee… You could say people purchasing properties at Chobham manor are already paying a premium to be next to the park by paying a premium in the property purchase price?!
(the words, rain, piss & pocket come to mind).



I just consider the Park charge as an additional service charge - I’ve looked at other properties which had service charges higher than £3000, so it’s not that bad.

It is remarkable how much money LLDC is getting from different sources; so they’ll be building 6,400 new properties within the olympic park - at £1,100 fee each that equates to over £7 million per year in park fees!!
That buys a lot of gardeners and park police!
Further more, after doing some research, it appears ‘the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), expressed a strong interest in accessing ESF funding to support and expand upon their activities’.

If you want to find out more on what their plans are for funding; take a look at this report online:

hope it puts your mind at ease…


Thanks everyone for all the guidance. TobyJon - that document is indeed interesting, and clearly the estate charge is looked on as a lucrative revenue stream to underpin the pool and stadium etc. Pretty sure we are going to go for the move, and perhaps we will need to form some kind of group that ensures the change is used well and resident interests are directly, and well, represented. No taxation without …
If you come up with anything more, would like to see it.
Best DMandMGM


My name is Bob and my wife and I are looking forward to moving into Chobham Manor in 2016!

We are currently renting in East Village a stone’s throw away so its easy to see the progress that is being made on the site.


Sorry to come late to the ball (only found this group today!) and maybe the question has been answered satisfactorily for everyone but this is what we know of the parks fee.

Its called the Base Queen Elizabeth Fixed Estate Charge in most legal documents and is indeed the parks fee.

For us its £1,105.00 per annum

The initial amount of the charge has been calculated and apportioned by the Developer on the basis of the number of bedrooms a plot has and the initial amount of the charge is stated in the transfer/lease.

There is also the Queen Elizabeth Administrative Charge (which will be an annual sum equal to 5% of the Fixed Queen Elizabeth Estate Charge).

Yes, there are no additional benefits we get from paying this charge that the general public do not get!

We were told that Taylor Wimpey were opposed to the charge but since LLDC owns the freehold on the land that Taylor Wimpey are building on I don’t think they had much say.


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Hi @ChobhamManor,

Are there any plans to get Burnell House and Park View Mansions (indeed all the new houses) wired up to Hyperoptic broadband?

Can some sort of deal be done with them as Get Living London has done with East Village?



Any plans for a new supermarket (waitrose, tesco, M&S)? and what about security, there will be guards 24/7? Thanks.


Hi @joaofonseca70, I think its a bit early for them to know about the retail units within Chobham Manor, just like GLL didn’t know what shops would be in East Village until potential retailers put in an offer.

A local supermarket would be fantastic though!

This was the question put to @ChobhamManor previously:
Do you know what the commercial units will be?
At present the commercial units are unknown until they are sold and will depend on the class that will be given by the Local Authority.


Looking forward to moving in at the end of the year, and meeting the neighbours when we’re in!