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Hi, thanks for your inquiry.
Unfortunately we do not have any CGIs of The Green (Rain Garden) as all the images we currently have are of the buildings themselves.
Also, at present we do not have any businesses due to move into the commercial plots.
I hope you find this helpful.


The road will be adopted by Newham Council following the construction of Phase 1-A (where the Marketing Suite is currently located) and this is anticipated in 2021

Does this mean applications to close this section of Olympic Park Avenue, e.g. for the Great Newham Run, have to run by Taylor Wimpey rather than Newham Council? And if so, do residents get a say in such closures? We note that this summer notifications on road closures were either completely lacking or erroneous. Given more and more residents have moved in since, road closures would be particularly disruptive to residents.


Heavy plant active on a Sunday? Not sure TW has permission for that do you?


Hi, thanks for your enquiry.

We have no say in when road closures take place, but we will always endeavour to give residents as much notice as possible.

As soon as we receive the information from the event organisers then this will be distributed to residents by the development managers, L&Q.

Previously the road closures have meant that there is always access to properties and parking bays. If the parking bays are affected then temporary bays will be offered in Abercrombie Rd.



Who determines when road closures take place? Given access to parking bays would be affected it seems unreasonable not to involve residents in making these decisions. Parking spaces are defined as part of our property in our lease. Our lease also explicitly states we have right of quiet enjoyment of our property including access rights. This seems to be a breach of our contract.

Previously the road closures have meant that there is always access to properties and parking bays. If the parking bays are affected then temporary bays will be offered in Abercrombie Rd.
This has certainly not been true for the summer events (Great Newham Run, Ride London) where the stretch of Olympic Park Avenue between Abercrombie Road and Honour Lea Avenue was closed, restricting access to our parking bay and no offers of temporary bays were made. Part of Abercrombie Road was also closed during the Great Newham Run.


With all due respect, this is one of the consequences of living in the Olympic Park (along with all of the other brilliant benefits that living here brings). Lots of other Londoners in other parts of the capital will also be subject to temporary road blockages for events such as the London marathon, Ride London etc so this isn’t something that affects only us. Let’s keep this forum positive.



Thank you for your message.

The decisions regarding road closures are made by LLDC in conjunction with the event organisers.

Thank you for your feedback on previous closures, which will be passed on to the appropriate parties.


I totally agre with that and although I’ve only visited London (never lived there), from as much as i could see - you’re 100% right and yeah… let’s keep the forum positive!


With all due respect Clagro, we have paid a significant amount for a parking space on Olympic Park Avenue that is defined as our property. We were denied access to our property during these events and it’s not like there were alternative routes to be able to access our own parking space.

I’m not saying these events shouldn’t occur, far from it, I just don’t think they should be closing that section of the road where we can’t access our property any other way (unless you suggest we drive through the crowds of runners and cyclists). There are plenty of routes within the park that the events can occur or where roads aren’t residential e.g. Waterden Road, or roads that have alternative access.

I personally don’t think the purpose of a forum is to keep things positive, but rather to facilitate information sharing and discuss topics. You’re welcome to not read my comments if they’re impinging on your positivity.


Hi @ChobhamManor - really great to see you posting here and having the confidence to reply to grassroots questions from the community.

I’d like to enquire about the side roads from Chobham Manor leading into ‘Honour Lea Avenue. Do you have the designs formalised as drawings to
share, I presume they will give priority to cyclists with continuous lanes for safety.

Please see Dutch examples here taken from various cities in Netherlands:


I think I answered my own question. Level cycling route uninterrupted with bold give way from Chobham Manor exits. So looks positive for families on school runs across Honour Lea Avenue - @ChobhamManor


Hey @ChobhamManor any idea when your commercial units will start to open? I’m assuming that’s what’s going in those boarded up [corner] units seen in @Lee’s pics?? I’m hoping for a corner shop in that location specifically… :grinning:


Hi, thank you for your enquiry about the commercial units. If you’d like to email me at I can put you in touch with the relevant people that will be able to give you more information. Kind regards Amy.