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Good to hear. Hope it grows into a strong, settled community


Good to see the @ChobhamManor sales and marketing office might be open again (one month late). Saw them having some sort of party up on the rooftop last night and the signs saying its temporarily closed have been removed.



Phase 2

This event will be strictly on a first-come basis with early arrival recommended to avoid disappointment. Due to the limited availability, sales will be restricted to one property per individual. Brochure and prices will be available online 72 hours prior to the launch event.

Brochure is available but its 15MB so can’t upload to Yonder.



That’s great to hear @charliebrown ! ParkView Mansions is quite sparse :frowning:
Which block are you living in?


’ Sales will be restricted to one property per individual’… That’s what they said for phase 1 and I know 4 people who have bought two properties in Phase 1 - one lady has bought 3 properties herself and got a discount for it too.


Be careful out there people…

Taylor Wimpey last month offered £130m to buyers trapped in new-build homes with spiralling ground rent contracts. It was a move initially greeted with glee by victims of the leasehold scandal. But as details have emerged, some householders say they will still be left paying “frankly obscene” charges.


Hi, thanks for your comment. We can confirm that there was a restriction placed on the number of sales to any individual – but only for the duration of our launch event. This was to make sure that those who queued to select their preferred plot were served on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. We hope that clarifies the situation for you.


@ChobhamManor It looks like the Phase 1B delivery is further delayed from your last update back in May where you said:

“The final completions for Park View Mansions are anticipated for June/July this year, while the final completions in phase 1B are anticipated for October/November.
The opening of the road access from Peloton Avenue to Honour Lea Avenue is anticipated to be between September and the end of November.”

Please could you advise on the latest schedule for completion of Phase 1B including your best estimate for the opening of the connection of Peloton Avenue through to Honour Lea Avenue for pedestrian access?

Also, is there likely to be green space between the two sides of Villiers Gardens once Phase 1B is complete, or is this going to just be a road with pavements on either side?


Hi, thanks for your message. The final completions for phase 1B are still anticipated to be November, as previously indicated, while the opening of Peloton Avenue between Honour Lea Avenue and the Velodrome is waiting on information from Newham Council, which means its completion is now expected in mid-December. We are currently constructing The Green between 1B-E and Villiers Gardens, and we anticipate completion mid-November (weather depending). I hope you find this update helpful.


Thanks for the reply.

Are you able to confirm whether Olympic Park Avenue between the marketing suite and the junction with Abercrombie Road has already or is going to be handed over to Newham Council as an adopted road?

If it has or will be adopted, will the parking bay enforcement change to Newham Council as well from PCM? I found this planning document on the LLDC site that is dated from October 2015 that seems to suggest these bays will be Newham Council enforced:

Please could you confirm if this is still going to be the case or whether the plans have been replaced by something else?


Hi, thank you for your message. We’re looking into this and will update you further as soon as we can.


Chobham Manor - extended Saturday working

• Taylor Wimpey, the contractor for Chobham Manor, would like to inform you that it has received permission from Newham Council to work extended hours on Saturdays until 6pm.

• Work taking place during the extended time is anticipated to include internal finishing work, landscaping, scaffolding and external finishing work.

• There will be use of a forklift, for moving materials, but it is hoped that this will take place during the previously agreed working hours.

• There are no anticipated deliveries during this time and any vehicle movements will be kept to a minimum.

• These extended working hours have been agreed for the next 12 weeks.

The agreed new working hours for the next 12 weeks will be 8am to 6pm, with a 30-minute start up and close down period.

Many thanks,

Taylor Wimpey East London


Disappointed to see the extended Saturday hours. I looked out the window earlier on and the number of workers often is in single digits. Perhaps more hands would mean less disruption to residents than longer days.


thanks for this info. i’m now doing nothing but searching for online pharmacy as i have health issues. but since i’m sitting and doing nothing i registered here and to be honest, i found this forum to be really useful. can i ask here some questions that i might have, please? thanks!


Sure, ask away!

I now live in Chobham Manor and have my broadband via See The Light. The service has generally been pretty good, we have had some development-wide outages a few months ago due to Taylor Wimpey engineers tripping some fuses but they seem to have gotten better since then, so I hope it continues!


Disappointed to see the extended Saturday hours. I looked out the window earlier on and the number of workers often is in single digits. Perhaps more hands would mean less disruption to residents than longer days.

haha yeah, during the building of Park View Mansions my boss said he has more people working on his garage than the whole of the Park View Mansions building. Probably why they were 9 months delayed and shoddy quality.

I guess there will be even fewer workers come Winter; too cold for them I assume.


I’m all for constructive criticism and understand that many people are disappointed with delays, I have friends that have waited for many months. The transformation of the land and the developments as a whole look stunning.

@rougetech1 in an effort to balance your negativity, do you have anything positive to contribute to this topic?


@lee I love Taylor Wimpey, they are the best firm in the whole wide world!


Hi, thanks for your query and patience. The road will be adopted by Newham Council following the construction of Phase 1-A (where the Marketing Suite is currently located) and this is anticipated in 2021. The majority of the bays will be for residents only, and details of parking control are as yet undecided. I hope this is helpful.


@ChobhamManor Are there any recent renders of how the green spaces in Chobham Manor will look?

Also, is there any update you could please provide on potential vendors moving into the commercial plots in Phase 1?