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Come and meet your Chobham Manor neighbours and enjoy an afternoon of creative arts at
the launch of Our Living Art on Saturday 25th February from 1pm to 4pm at Timber Lodge Café.
Take part in the free taster sessions to get to know local artists and get a flavour of what ‘Our Living Art’ has to offer across the next six months.
Whether you’re looking to encourage the creative impulses of your little ones or are an art enthusiast yourself, there is something for everyone!

Workshops include
Joyful connections: African drumming and story-telling with Iroko Theatre.
Present | Plant | Press: Print your drawings into a unique publication with Studio Polpo.
Stratford Living Room: A once-in-a lifetime opportunity to transform your home into a real piece of art with East London Dance.
Bird Box Avenue: Improve your carpentry and DIY skills by building and decorating bird boxes while getting to know the park’s eco system with Artillery.
The Participatory Pottery Project: Shape clay into beautiful creations with Rosetta Art Centre – and witness spectacular Japanese Raku-firing sessions
Come and collect your copy of Our Living Art programme of workshops and reserve your spot on the day.
See you on 25th February.


Hi @ChobhamManor
Your plastic barriers blocking the cycle path on Honour Lee Avenue are scattering everywhere as soon as any wind blows (even before today’s strong winds)

Have you got a better solution for whatever they are meant to do?


@ChobhamManor Are there any updates on completion dates for the remaining Phase 1 blocks, e.g. Parkview Mansions and the other blocks near Honour Lea Avenue?

Specifically I’m interested in getting a rough idea when the paths/roads connecting Peloton Avenue to Honour Lea Avenue are likely to be opened up for pedestrian traffic.


Also, in case anyone is interested regarding the broadband situation. I have been in touch with Hyperoptic and there are no plans to rollout service to Chobham Manor.

The reason for this is that the development is signed up to the “Independent Fibre Networks” infrastructure by GTC utilities which means very few other providers will be able to gain access. There are a few different FTTH (fibre to the home) suppliers with slightly different speed levels and pricing:

SeeTheLight seems to be offering the best overall speed plans at a reasonable price but it depends what actual service quality, speeds and latency are like. Would be good to hear what current residents think of the broadband service?


Hi, many thanks for bringing this our attention. We have contacted Fulcrum and the matter has been dealt with.

Kind regards, Bethany.


Hi, it is currently anticipated that pedestrian and road access will be opened to Honour Lee Avenue from Peloton/Madison Way on 30th September. The block including Park View Mansions is scheduled to be completed by the end of June while Block 1B is planned for completion by 30 August. These dates are based on weather conditions allowing the work to take place as planned.
At this time the hoarding line will be altered to separate site from all of Phase 1 along the length of Peloton Avenue.
Kind regards, Bethany.


Phone call from Chobham Manor three weeks ago for Park View Mansions says completion expected for June/July 2017 so don’t know how end of June 2017 is being bandied about.


Hi @ChobhamManor
You know how when you used plastic barriers to block the path and they all blew over?

Guess what happened to the plastic barriers that are now blocking the road?


Chobham Manor Phase 3 and 4 - 16/00510/REM; 16/00518/REM

Chobham Manor Phase 3 and 4 - 1600510REM 1600518REM.pdf (1.5 MB)


Will be interesting to see whether all the talk of a family-based community actually happen in reality, as opposed to larger units becoming private rented shared houses in the main


Yes, that’s true, we need more community space in these large developments. They’ve already been released from the obligation to provide 124sqm of space for a Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) (6.9)


@ChobhamManor Are the completion dates for Park View Mansions (end of June), Block 1B (30th August) and opening of the road access from Peloton Way to Honour Lee Avenue (30th September) still accurate?


Hi Odie, thanks for your message.

The final completions for Park View Mansions are anticipated for June/July this year, while the final completions in phase 1B are anticipated for October/November.
The opening of the road access from Peloton Avenue to Honour Lea Avenue is anticipated to be between September and the end of November. I hope this helps!

Taylor Wimpey and L&Q


You’re waiting for a road to open Odie but there are people waiting for a house to live in and this is the sort of delay @ChobhamManor introduces!

My prediction for all completions for Park View Mansions is August 2017.

Opening of access road prediction is December 2017.


Hi @ChobhamManor @richard_crawford @QEOP

Surprised to be woken up by construction on a bank holiday. According to what we’ve been told, you don’t have permission for this, do you?

Apart from possibly an apology on here, what actually happens to developers who break their planning terms?


Hi all,

For those of you that have moved in, the new L&Q Property Manager is Susan O’Neill.
Contact details are: SO’
0800 015 6536 / 0300 456 9998


So far, you’ll be pleased to hear that almost every house that’s occupied in our block contains a family. Many more moving in currently.


What block is that? I wouldn’t say that’s true for Park View Mansions.


Villiers Gardens, Peloton Avenue, Kieron Rd


Aren’t those street names not blocks? Anyway, I take your point. Good to have owner occupiers and/or families around.