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Yes, I’ve used the same method as you’ve described but the final part of the form submission does not work as the small yellow circles (which signify street lights) are not displayed in the relevant road (but rather in the park) and there seems to be no way of selecting them. Please let me know if the form submission works for you.



You can see the guys who sell the gas parked up there every weekend evening. It’s a dark patch with no-one living opposite as yet so they probably feel like they won’t be disturbed


Hi guys, yes, I noticed that too. That corner is very neglected, needs cleaning, poor light, etc… I tried to report the location in the Newham website but it keeps giving me an error when entering the address bit.


Couldn’t agree more, we have the picking equipment. Perhaps it’s a good time to announce an ‘E20 Pickup Artists’ session during half term.


Hi all just moved in to Chobham Manor! Hooray !!! Unfortunatley noticed the lack of street cleaning and absence of lights on Olympic Park Avenue on day 1 . Will also contact Newham.


Hi, thank you for your comments and bringing this matter to our attention.

We have contacted street lighting engineers regarding Olympic Park Avenue and they have assured us they will be coming out to rectify any issues.

Many thanks.


I went for a walk along Chobham Manor yesterday and not much has changed in regards to rubbish and leftovers from legal highs :frowning:

@NewhamCouncil, I reported this need for street cleaning through the Newham website almost 3 weeks ago.


It has now been also 3 weeks since I’ve raised the street lighting issue with @ChobhamManor and the problem has not been resolved yet. Does anyone has an idea how we could escalate this?


Hi, thanks for your comments. We have employed electricians who are currently working on site to install additional street lighting where required. They will also fix the lighting on Olympic Park Avenue. We have instructed an operative to litter pick along Olympic Park Avenue each morning, and a security guard is doing regular patrols to monitor the use of legal highs. We have also asked the police to increase the number of patrols they do in the area. Regards, Beth


Felt a lot better walking back that way last night with the new lights. Thanks.


I live across the road looking down Olympic park avenue so see the cars parked there most nights. The lighting that has been put up on the site hoarding has definitely improved things but now they are just parking further up the road next to the timber lodge as it’s still a bit darker there.

Just took this picture about 30 mins ago!



I am currently studying my masters at University of Westminster and carrying out research for my dissertation.

As part of my Dissertation, I have been looking into the effect the London 2012 Legacy has had on local people and communities living in Stratford. A key part of my dissertation is relating to communities around East Village and Chobham Manor. If you are a resident at Chobham Manor, I would really appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes of your time to help me with my research by contacting me via: for a short discussion about your experiences and thoughts on the neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can follow the link below to fill out a quick survey:

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks,

Chirag Desai


Hi, what are current moved-in residents of Chobham Manor doing for broadband internet? Are you all just getting your own connections? Are there any plans to request Hyperoptic fibre for the whole of Chobham Manor like East Village?
@dan25, @HelS, @PGSG, @NIgel, @TobyJon


At least one person has requested Hyperoptic as it shows up on their map but there is no progress on it. You’ll generally need to get a group of interested residents to convince them to do the installation:


Oh thanks for the link; I knew there was something like that on the Hyperoptic site but couldn’t find it.
I was hoping L&Q (the property management company) could get involved as its usually easier if building management, representing the entire building, makes a request. The price for installation also comes down from £240 to about £40 for each household. This was what happened at the last place I lived at in Canada Water. Also the fact that GLL is able to provide free 20Mb hyperoptic service speaks to the power of bulk buying.


The Much appreciated both with attention to Street lighting and that you are going to have the litter cleared . Makes a huge difference .

Those lights have made a big difference especially when walking back from the station late at night. However , litter is still being left in the parking bays along Olympic Park Avenue from opposite the sales office towards the velodrome . Clearly this area is not being cleaned as East Village is and it is a bit of a let down…come on TW …also their is no lighting on the zebra crossing which makes it very difficult for drivers to see pedestrians which begs the question : why isn’t the light there functioning ?? Like wise the same at the crossing closer to the the velodrome. An accident waiting to happen …


Hi, thank you for your message.

We are sorry to hear about the litter and will endeavour to clear this as soon as possible. We do monitor and clear the litter each working day; however there will be times when it is more evident than others, particularly first thing on a Monday. Unfortunately this process was delayed this morning due to our labour personnel ensuring our working areas and scaffolds were appropriately gritted for safety reasons following exceptional low temperatures and freezing fog in the early hours.

As you correctly point out, unfortunately the yellow flashing lights are not working. We are investigating this and will carry out repair work as soon as possible.

Kind regards,



We’ve gone with See The Light’s fibre offering in our Chobham Manor flat. I’m currently getting 50mbps on their cheapest package, and I think they go up to 300mbps.

For anybody interested, the Chobham Manor Residents page on Facebook can be found here:


Hi Bethany ,
It was actually mid week when I noticed the litter starting again , although the gas canisters seem to be few and far between since more lighting along the road .
The beacons have never worked ???


Hi, thank you for your comment. We employ General Operatives to carry out a litter pick each morning, however we will continue to monitor this. Kind regards, Bethany.