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Burnell House looking more ready with Manhattan Lofts looming in the background.


@ChobhamManor - Can you please confirm how long the current pile driving is scheduled for? My flat is literally vibrating as it is basically outside my office window on Logan Close and I can’t have the windows open, as customers wouldn’t be able to hear me on the phone. Obviously not ideal with the current temperatures. I thought we were done with it for good or was that just for Phase 1? Would be nice to have a rough time frame like “3 weeks, 2 months” or similar. It just makes it more bearable. Thank you.


Just head a super speedy reply from Matt Aylen, thank you! Apparently, the pile driving will take approx 9 weeks. They have done pre-bores, which should hopefully mean that the time per pile is reduced to a minimum.


I get that it has to be done, but I wish they’d use more of their 10 hour construction window for the piling. As it stands the piling tends to begin on the dot at 0800 and end by 10 which makes me very sad after a night shift :slightly_frowning_face: It might take less than nine weeks if the construction time was used a bit more efficiently.


Don’t worry, they started at 8.20am and didn’t finish until 16.45 today. :S As you said: I get it needs to be done. London needs housing, housing needs construction. But holy, it was warm in my office today :wink:


The London Legacy Development Corporation and Chobham Manor LLP would like to invite you to attend a public consultation on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September, to discuss proposals for Phases 3 and 4 at Chobham Manor.

The event is taking place between 1pm and 3pm at the Chobham Manor Sales and Marketing Suite at 10 Olympic Park Avenue, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, E20 1FT. For more information, please click the following link:Chobham Manor - Updated stakeholder consultation invite letter phases 3 and 4 - SEP16 FV.pdf (173.9 KB)


Insert times?


You can now view the exhibition content online. Please click the following link to download the boards and feedback form: Chobham Manor - Feedback Form - SEP16.PDF (87.6 KB)
Chobham Manor- Boards - SEP16.pdf (5.6 MB)


Park View Mansions building in Chobham Manor delayed from Aug/Sept 2016 to May 2017 (and probably beyond that). Phase 2 and 3 buyers, don’t buy and expect it to be finished in the timeframe they state.


I’ve just calculated that I will have spent 10% of my entire life waiting for TW to build my new home. quite depressing.

Does anyone know the real reason why they are late? labor shortages? tactical delay for house prices to rise for Phase 2?


Quite a few people have been talking about this and no one has a clue, these are all people who work in the industry by the way. Several people thought the delay ie why they stopped working for a while, might have been down to an accident but seeing as that doesn’t appear to be anything other than a thought it has presumably got to be money related. Construction companies are far from fluid at the moment but that doesn’t mean going down the pan. Labour could be involved as I know someone who was head hunted for carpentry work as they skilled are very, very hard to find but for general stuff there are people around.

If I do find out anything solid I’ll let you know of course.


And don’t forget the poor people who have already moved in waiting for the construction work to reach some conclusion…


They’ve got a long wait, even when phase 2 is complete phase 3 and 4 are to come and those plans haven’t been submitted yet. Fact is E20 and beyond will be a building site, or rather have building sites, until at least 2031.


Hi, thank you for your comments. We would like to reassure customers that work has commenced on site for Phase 2, however we will not be looking to market these homes off-plan this far from completion. Regards, Beth.


Phase 2 sales were originally planned for Jan 2016 (“properties for sale in phase two will be launched in January”) but put back to Summer 2016 and now there is no definite date for this. Wonder why?

07/10/16 Edit: Phase two is launching mid 2017 according to buildington.


This text comes from the original LLDC 10 year plan file:

4.1.2 Landowner The Legacy Communities Scheme (LCS) and the Local Plan set out in detail how LLDC will meet these
needs. Ultimately – by 2031 – the LCS will deliver 6,800 new homes in five new neighbourhoods
within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park itself. By 2020, Chobham Manor will be complete, East Wick
and Sweetwater will be well under way (fully occupied by 2023), and Olympicopolis residential at
Stratford Waterfront (formerly known as the Marshgate Wharf neighbourhood) will be progressing.

I wonder if Taylor Wimpey are being (or will be) fined by LLDC for missing the deadline?


Hi @ChobhamManor

The street lights on Olympic Park Ave near the Velodrome are not working. it is pitch dark early mornings and late afternoons for those of us in Chobham Manor who use this road.

PS. I tried to report it via MyNewham site unfortunately these street lights are not listed there.


The whole area of Olympic Park Avenue opposite Chobham Manor could do with a bit of cleaning up as well. Not sure if its a Newham Council responsibility or @ChobhamManor.

I have reported it via although its shown as
"Abercrombie Road". eg. 84 Park View Mansions, 2 Abercrombie Road, London, Newham, E20 1FQ


I agree this part of the road seems to be neglected and gets only some cleaning up when there are big events in the Velodrome.

It took me some time to realise the small silver canisters regularly disposed in the parking area in this road (see them regularly during my daily walk) are nitrous oxide canisters (laughing gas). I think the neglect of this patch of area is encouraging this kind of activities.


@dan25 you should be able to report it using Abercrombie Road?

Yep, those cannisters I’ve seen a lot of and quite regularly. Don’t know how fresh they are since the street doesn’t get cleaned but every time I walk along Olympic Park Avenue I’ll see them.