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Here’s the latest news on Chobham Manor from the London Assembly:

I think it just shows that things are progressing as a whole.


latest photos!


Well just found out that Park View Mansions has been delayed 3 months. :rage:
Can’t wait for the next letter saying its been delayed another 3 months. Does TW not know how to build houses?!
@NIgel, @PGSG


I live opposite the site and they’ve even taken everyone off the social housing building in Honour Lea Avenue to work on the other buildings. If they’re delayed again they must’ve hit some serious snags!


TW, very good at starting buildings. Not very good at finishing them.


They stopped work on this site recently? We live across the road and last I knew they were still going, albeit slowly ha.


Construction works at Chobham Manor – progress update

• Customer completions are continuing at Chobham Manor and we now have a total of 15 homes occupied, with a further eight shared-ownership homes set to be completed and have their residents move in within the coming days.

• Block DD – Although internal works are progressing well here, scaffolding remains in place around this building as some external elements are still to be put in place. The unique design of the new buildings at Chobham Manor is what gives this development its individual character, but this also means that the construction process often involves the use of highly specialised building components. In the case of Block DD, the completion of the external works has been delayed by issues with the production of custom-made cladding – but things are now moving forward and we are hoping to have this building complete and ready for occupation by July.

• Block C – As is the case with Block DD, internal works are proceeding as planned but the completion of works to the outside of the building are dependent on the production of specially-made cast stone components weighing as much as 2.5 tonnes each. Unfortunately the extreme weather conditions of earlier in the year – particularly in the north of England where these components are made – has meant that the production process has moved forward more slowly than we expected. On delivery, each of the stone components will have to be individually craned into place on the building. We are now anticipating that Block C will be completed and occupied by the end of 2016.

• Block B – The concrete frame of this building is in place and in recent weeks we have been working with the local planning authority to agree some slight amendments to the specification of external panelling materials. This has been necessary due to difficulties with procuring the materials approved in the original planning permission for Block B. Having now reached agreement with the local authority, we will be in a position to recommence work on this building over the next few weeks, and we now expect to complete Block B by Easter 2017.

• Phase 2 – We are due to begin piling works on Phase 2 at Chobham Manor in June, and will provide further updates in due course.


In case you didn’t know what the blocks actually refer to, plans are re-posted below.

  • Dates no longer accurate, see previous update from Chobham Manor


Block DD – “but things are now moving forward and we are
hoping to have this building complete and ready for occupation by July.”

Actually, the end of August.


Olympic Park redesigned to hit mayor’s 50% affordable housing target

"Schemes that have already been procured, including PRP, Make, Haworth
Tompkins and Karakusevic Carson’s 828-home Chobham Manor development -
the first 165 homes at which are close to finishing - and a 1,500-home
scheme at East Wick and Sweetwater, which is being developed by social
housing firm Places for People and Balfour Beatty, would be unaffected.

The two developments that would be affected by the more ambitious target
are Marshgate Wharf and Pudding Mill, at the centre and south of the
park, neither of which has architects appointed yet."


London’s Olympic legacy: a suburb on steroids, a cacophony of luxury stumps

Long but a comprehensive summary of all that’s happening building-wise in E20


Hi @ChobhamManor

(cc @richard_crawford)

Have you got permission for early starts that neighbours haven’t been informed about? Vehicle moving materials well before 8am this morning

There have been other complaints on other social media recently as well

@richard_crawford Is it actually the case that developers can ignore the rules because nothing happens other than a light ticking off? I don’t know whether there was anything that came of the previous repeated Sunday working that was clearly against their permissions



Hi @ChobhamManor and @richard_crawford

Just checking whether anyone checks these messages any more?


Hi, thank you for your message. Please can you get in touch with Matt Aylen via email on the following address:, with regards to any queries over the build process at Chobham Manor. Regards, Beth.


Sorry Jools yes I’m making some enquiries


Hi Jools, I think @richard_crawford may have forwarded the email to a member of his team as Yonder received an email today.

Dear Julian,

The site falls within the planning functions area of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC). Can you please redirect your enquiry to them.

Kind Regards,

Hamza Mobeen I Complaints & Member Enquiries Assistant
Complaints & Members Enquiries, Strategic Services
London Borough of Newham
Newham Dockside I 1000 Dockside Road I London E16 2QU
’020 3373 3138


@ChobhamManor @richard_crawford @QEOP
Feel a bit like I’m being sent round the houses here whilst @ChobhamManor continue with (this morning) crane and vehicle operation well before their legal start time, sure in the knowledge that nothing will happen to them. Same thing happened when they were repeatedly working illegally on Sunday mornings - contempt for people living nearby and making it difficult to actually land a complaint that they would react to

@richard_crawford - not a great response from Newham seeing as they are basically saying “google it - not my job” rather than give me contact details even.

@ChobhamManor - not even an apology?

@QEOP - can you give me contact details for whoever oversees planning and building around the park area?

Or, given that this is the breaking of legal conditions, should I just call the police every time?


Hi Jools I thought that to so I have asked a member of the Mayors office to look in to how we can get it sorted


Hi Jools, thank you for your message.

We have outlined the core working hours at Chobham Manor below:

• Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm
• Saturday 8am – 1pm

As part of the Code of Construction Practice, and in order to maximise the use of these hours, 30 minute start-up and close-down periods are permitted on site from 7.30am to 8am and from 6pm to 6.30pm, where certain activity and plant movement is allowed to take place.

During these start-up and close-down periods no noisy activities will be undertaken, and work will typically include:

• Movement of plant to the worksite
• Unloading materials
• Maintenance of the plant and equipment

As a proactive member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, and as recent recipients of Considerate Constructors’ accreditation, we pride ourselves in keeping residents up to date where possible and aim to ensure disturbance is absolutely minimised.

If you have any further queries regarding this, or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us. You can also contact the QEOP 24-hour helpline at any time on 0800 722 110.

Hope this helps.



I also received a similar response from Taylor Wimpey (copied below)

Up until recently, the pre 8am activity has mainly involved personnel moving around the site to get to their areas of work to start promptly. More recently, this has involved crane and vehicle operation in advance of 8am.

There was no mention of pre 8am work in the initial information to neighbours, which seems an oversight now. And I’m still not clear on whether there were any consequences as a result of the extended, illegal, Sunday working when that took place.

Anyway - seems I, and all the other people complaining on other social media, don’t have any recourse, do we?

Plus ca change, etc.

TW response:
"Core Hours

The anticipated site ‘core hours’ will be Monday to Friday 08.00-18.00 and Saturday 08.00-13.00. In order to maximise the use of these hours, half an hour start-up and close-down periods will be permitted from 07.30-08.00 and 18.00-18.30. The activities that will take place in these start-up and close-down periods will not include any noisy activities, but will typically include:
 Movement of plant to the worksite;

 Unloading; and

 Maintenance of plant and equipment.

In accordance with planning conditions construction activities that elevate noise levels, measured as LAeq (1hr) by more than 1dB above the ambient level at the façade of any noise sensitive premises, may only take place outside the normal hours of work, where these construction activities have been approved by the LPA under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974."