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Chobham Manor in gear for safer cycling
Thursday 30th July

Cyclists are invited to attend a free cycling safety event to promote road safety around construction sites thanks to Chobham Manor, a Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park housing development.

The Chobham Manor Cycling Safety Event, will be held this Friday (31 July) 2-5pm at Western Plaza, Lee Valley Velo Park. It is hoped the day will allow road safety specialists to give local cyclists advice and encourage discussion about best practise between road users.

Chobham Manor is a joint venture between L&Q housing association and Taylor Wimpey. Also present on the day will be the Metropolitan Police, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and Bikeworks (a cycling focused social enterprise).

Activities will include getting to sit in the driver’s seat of a heavy goods vehicle to get a better understanding of what the driver can and can’t see; All Ability bikes such as hand cranks, recumbents and a Wattbike (collects real-time data on the rider’s fitness and technique); The Met and Bikeworks will also be providing safety information, free bicycle security marking and help planning cycle routes around the capital.

Chobham Manor is the first of the five new neighbourhoods on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It will provide 828 new homes, including town and mews houses, maisonettes and single flats, with 75 per cent designed for families and around a third affordable homes. It will welcome its first residents in 2015.

Belinda Moreau-Jones, Project Lead for Community Regeneration and Partnerships for Chobham Manor, said:

“The event promises to be a fantastic opportunity for cycling enthusiasts and novices alike to get involved and learn about how to be safe on the roads and around local construction sites. We are proud to be working with our development partners to build thriving communities and encourage safer cycling in the city.”


Olympic Park buying guide (05/08/2015) - newspaper article


Ahh, now I’ve got the figures I was curious about.

East Village. 2,818 homes. 50% market rent. 25% shared-ownership/intermediate rent. 25% council.

Now renamed East Village, it contains 2,818 units of which roughly half are market priced homes (mostly for private rent), a quarter are housing association homes of the intermediate variety of “affordable” - which means shared-ownership or “intermediate rent” properties for middle-income households - and a quarter are for social rent.

An interesting (and recent) article at least:
Affordable Housing - Guardian 08/07/15


Is anybody sick of the noise of reversing vehicles in the plot of land behind the velodrome? This loud noise was heard all weekend. From 8/9 an Saturday, all day and Sunday all day, up until 5 pm. Are the builders allowed to work these hours? It’s really disturbing and relentless…



Hi Liz
I’ve been in contact with council and local councillor but haven’t made much progress as Newham seems to be crap

If you (and anyone else) also complained it might help things move

Councillor contact details on Newham website. It’s Richard(?) of the three that picked up my complaint


@jools - @richard_crawford is on Yonder and is always up for doing what he can to answer resident queries (although don’t expect him to reply as Newham run a fairly old PC operating system and Yonder demands a certain spec).

Also please flag this thread at @ChobhamManor as they want to hear these issues first hand, I highly recommend attending the QEOP residents meetings - Chobham Manor regularly attend and you can feed back directly.


Hi, we apologise for any inconvenience caused to residents during our works carried out on a Sunday recently. We have since ceased external works on Sundays. Once again, we apologise for the disruption.


Hi @Lee, @jools — sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I have been on jury duty. I have received a few complaints about the noise from the construction sight and have got on to Sarah Birt at the planing office of the LLDC and she will be talking to the site manager as the do not have permission to work Sunday’s or public holidays their core hours are Monday to Friday 8am/6pm Saturday 8am/1pm. I will also get a phone number for the site manager which I will pass on.
Hope that’s ok.
Richard Crawford


@ChobhamManor and @richard_crawford — It’s great to see you taking the time to reply directly to the community on here. Thank you @Lee


Scaffolding all up around Park View Mansions.



We want to provide all local residents with a further update on the construction works taking place at our Chobham Manor development in Stratford.

The first residents from Phase 1D will be moving into their new homes on Friday 9th October, while work on Phase 1C is well under way with the reinforced concrete frame now complete and construction work on the houses being carried out.

Two new tower cranes have been erected on site and the groundwork for Phase 1B has also begun.
We are aiming for the Reinforced Concrete Frame in Phase 1B to be half way to completion by Christmas this year, while further piling work to phase 2 is due to start in December 2015 and continue through to February 2016.

Due to the work taking place, there has been a lot of construction traffic moving material from the site, and we want to inform everyone that we are monitoring the situation and working alongside Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Management and LLDC to ensure that this does not have any major impact on local residents.

Following a recent complaint we would like to assure local residents that we are continuing to monitor dust and noise levels that occur as a result of the construction work and that the site team will deal with all issues the moment they become aware.

There will be a period over the Christmas season where no work will be taking place on site, and we will provide a further update on this in due course.

Taylor Wimpey and L&Q


Hi @ChobhamManor, not sure if this is the right outlet for my question, but I’ve been trying to find official working hours at the construction site in Chobham Manor, and can’t seem to find it. Would you be able to say what they are throughout the week? Thanks!


@martina_klancisar, their hours are as per the usual allowed according to Newham Council regs, unless they have a special dispensation though this would usually be a once-off.

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday
8am to 1pm on Saturdays
no work on Sundays or public holidays.

These times were also mentioned by Newham councillor Richard Crawford above.


Ah, thank you! I totally missed this bit of info in previous posts.


Though still always a small crew on site all day Saturday @ChobhamManor so doesn’t yet seem very clear!


Yeah, heard a few people on site and heard a saw hours after 1pm. Is there a specific reason for that @ChobhamManor and do the residents get informed about the breach of official working hours?


Hi @ChobhamManor, the external work is still being done on Sundays, as there is a man working with a saw outside one of the buildings. Can this please be investigated?


Unless they’re stealing tools! Big problem for lots of building sites. @ChobhamManor should we call the police if we see people on site on Sunday?

If that’s not it, I’m still curious about sanctions imposed by LLDC for breaking planning agreement and what they are doing to ensure the agreement is adhered to in future. @richard_crawford did you receive information on this or should I contact LLDC directly?