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Dear @jools, thank you for drawing this to our attention. We can confirm that the sign has been removed and would like to apologise unreservedly, this clearly should never have happened. We do not tolerate racism, hate crimes or the use of offensive language and we will be taking action to ensure that this is reiterated to everyone working at the development and that appropriate action is taken against the perpetrator should they be identified. Once again we apologise unreservedly.


Has anyone from L&Qs shared ownership scheme moved into Chobham Manor yet?


There are residents in Phase 1 that purchased shared ownership properties from L&Q and moved in roughly 2016/17


Hi Courtney, thanks for your question. L&Q’s shared ownership homes on phase 1 at Chobham Manor were occupied in 2016. Shared ownership properties on phase 2A are all sold and due for occupation at the end of February 2019 with further shared ownership units on phase 2B due to be completed before summer 2019.

I hope that helps - please let us know if you need any more information.


@ChobhamManor There are places marked for commercial purposes but no single commercial spot has been opened in the chobham manor development. e.g the one in front of the velopark. Is there any plan to open commercials places like shops, Cafés…


An office/training space for cosmetics firm Yon-Ka Paris is due to open at the bottom of Burnell House and we have been told that a mini supermarket may be opening at the bottom of Nolan Mansions (corner of Honour Lea Avenue and Peloton Avenue)


Thanks @Odie
It’s great to hear a mini super market is coming


Hi @Buni, thanks for your question, and thank you @Odie for stepping in to answer.

I can confirm that one of the commercial units at Chobham Manor has been let to cosmetics firm Yonka and is due to open in the spring. Further units are currently on the market to let. The nursery school space is also on the market and we are expecting tenders of interest shortly.

We’ll update residents via the Chobham Manor newsletter and website as details are confirmed.


Thanks @ChobhamManor
On which block is the nursery place


Hi @buni, it’s part of Block 3E-A.


Is anyone else in the process of buying the shareownership house in phrase 2B? How is it going?


hey evan, I am… being told April for now…


Hey @Courtney_Brooks have you exchanged the contract yet? After the search, our solicitor said the building has flooding risk (we are in the ground floor). Our solicitor is still waiting for L&Q to reply this issue…


nope not yet… taking a litlle longer for me cos im selling at the same time


Hi @Evan and thank you for your message. Your solicitor should hear separately from L&Q. However, we’d like to reassure you that the flood risk assessment for the Chobham Manor development confirms a low risk of surface water or groundwater flooding. We can also confirm that work was carried out prior to construction of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to alleviate any potential surface water flooding of the site.


@ChobhamManor Thanks for getting back to me! How likely do you think it is that the expected completion time for phrase 2B (around the end of April) will hold?


Hi @Evan, your contact in the sales office will be best placed to answer this as dates can change and they will have the most up to date information for your particular plot. Thanks.


Phase 3 - A brand new collection of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes are launching Saturday 9th November 2019!

Phase 3



Is there any news on when HTB or S/O apartments in Phase 3 (preferably 2+ beds) will be launched?


Hi @Jonnym - the next phase of Shared Ownership homes will be launching early Spring 2020. To register your interest you can call, email or fill in the online form – all options are included in the link below.