Cherry Park, E20 - Westfield


Has anyone seen a copy of the updated plans that have been submitted to LLDC for approval as reported in the Newham Recorder?:

Here’s a copy of the early proposals:

It will be interesting to see what has been changed/added/removed.

Please feel free to post when you know more…




That’s brilliant. Thanks @boarderbob for finding and highlighting that information. It was interesting to see their latest plans. I wonder what’s going to happen to the current moat that exists? I particularly like the statement that Stratford needs more shops. While I don’t have anything against any of the existing shopping provision and indeed I have nothing against further provision if they identify niche markets that aren’t already being addressed, I smile wryly at the thought that more shops are specifically needed, especially as the existing Stratford Centre has also released proposals for more shops:


Yeah, I’m not much of a shopper myself so the shops aren’t really an inducement for me!
Surprisingly, Westfield Stratford is more profitable as a centre than Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush).

In line with the masterplan of making Stratford London’s third city (after Westminster and City of London) its good that a lot of companies are willing to develop and invest. And with all the new buildings going up it certainly is credible that it will become the third major hub in London.


If you’re interested in even more detail the application is now on the LLDC site:
It’s an outline application rather than detailed design of each building, except for the new ‘anchor store’ element. This seems to be using the shop where the Cornetto pop-up currently is and extending it backwards to make a much larger store. They say they’re in discussion with a specific retailer - sounds like a department store from the description.


To the north of Cherry Park, but Westfield have submitted plans for turning much of the existing Car Park B into a new mall, roughly doubling the size of the centre’s lower ground floor.


Thanks Ben - useful information. It seems Westfield like submitting plans! I guess they’ve been waiting to consolidate their ideas/schemes together in to one project…